DOJ Denies Justice to Trump

The Department of Justice (DOJ) moves one step forward to deny justice to former President Trump in his FBI raid case.

Now, the DOJ is challenging the decision of a lower court to appoint a special master for reviewing Trump’s documents. The master was expected to scrutinize the documents with transparency.

DOJ Desperately Seeking Politicization of the FBI

On Monday, a US federal judge from Florida, Aileen Cannon, tried to ensure transparency in the FBI’s investigations against Trump.

As Cannon ordered the appointment of a special master to scrutinize Trump’s documents seized by the FBI, political insiders thought a third-party prosecutor may uphold transparency in investigations against the former president.

However, the DOJ is making sure no independent person looks into the documents, or else, Democrats’ propaganda against the former president can get debunked.

According to the DOJ, the documents are the property of the US government and not Trump, so a special master cannot be appointed to see those documents.

Furthermore, the DOJ insisted Trump has no authority to own the seized documents. He cannot stop the US government from reviewing them, just by claiming that they are protected under the attorney-client privilege.

In addition to that, the Biden administration noted the Supreme Court already set a precedent that allows the government to look into the classified documents protected by different privileges.

This means Justice Cannon did not follow the top court’s previous orders while appointing a special master.

Trump’s critics suggest a special master is not needed to review the documents, as the case is only related to the mishandling of classified records by the former president.

High Court Likely to Reverse Cannon’s Decision

Some conservatives also sided with Democrats to criticize Cannon’s decision. Former Attorney General William Barr slammed Cannon’s verdict to appoint a special master, claiming the higher courts would easily reverse the decision.

Barr argued Cannon’s verdict would only be able to delay the FBI’s case, as the decision would eventually be nullified.

The FBI’s case, as per Barr, is only related to Trump’s attempt to take the classified documents with him; so, the content of those documents does not matter at all.

Now, after the FBI’s raid, Barr continued, the government only wants to find out whether Trump took the classified documents to his private residence or not.

As the government has a strong case against Trump, the higher court is likely to entertain their request to reverse Cannon’s verdict, Barr added.

While reacting to the DOJ’s announcement to challenge Cannon’s decision, Trump slammed the Biden administration on his social media platform, Truth Social.

The former president suggested the Biden administration is trying to undermine the verdict of a courageous judge, whose incredible decision was applauded by millions of Americans.

Instead of fighting against rising crime in the United States and skyrocketing corruption in government departments, the Biden administration is wasting money and energy on spying on a former president, Trump noted.