DOJ Moves Forward to Silence Parents’ Participation in Schools


On Monday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced it would start prosecuting criminal conduct at schools that intend to threaten school personnel and teachers.

Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, slammed the Biden administration over this new policy, noting it intends to silence parents and allow left-wing politicians to control the curriculum.

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McCarthy Reprimanded the Biden Administration on Silencing Parents

As the DOJ said it would start prosecuting criminal conduct against teachers, McCarthy scolded the Biden administration on the DOJ’s recent measure to silence the parents. The Republican lawmaker alleged it is a long-envisioned effort by Democrats to silence parents’ voices.

The lawmaker also advised the administration to encourage parents’ participation in schools and not disenfranchise them by promoting a left-wing agenda of controlling the curriculum.

As parents raised their concerns against the rising COVID-19 restrictions and involvement of critical race theory in the curriculum, the DOJ decided to equate parents with criminals, hence deciding to prosecute them.

While introducing the new policy, Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed threatening public officials is against US core values. He further stated teachers take care of their students and ensure their educational needs are fulfilled, so they need to be protected against any potential threats.

The Republican lawmaker, however, claimed that parents’ involvement in children’s education is their fundamental right. He further noted that some interest groups and left-wing lawmakers want to control the curriculum taught in classrooms to exercise their powers over children’s minds.

Attorney General Pledged to Hold Criminal Conduct Accountable

The Attorney General labeled the so-called rising threats a “disturbing trend” that needs to be stopped. Responding to it, the House Minority Leader said Democrats themselves are strangled with their own “disturbing trend,” which is encouraging them to stop parents from speaking about their own children’s education.

Under the new motto of the Biden administration, a task force will be created to measure these so-called threats against teachers and school personnel. It will also create a specialized training program to assist school board members in reporting these threats and gathering evidence for it to prosecute the perpetrators.

In order to strangle parents, the DOJ has already asked for additional resources from the FBI, US Secret Service, and other high-profile institutions to curb parents’ involvement in schools as much as possible.

Chip Salven, the CEO of the National School Board Association (NSBA), claimed this decision is an ultimatum to pro-chaos elements of society that want to disturb the functionality of schools.

Meanwhile, parents are furious over the decision of the DOJ, saying the department needs to apologize to parents for equating them with domestic terrorists.

Parents Defending Education, a nonprofit organization that defends the rights of parents regarding their children’s education, raised its concerns while stating no measure to silence parents would be tolerated.

The vice president of the organization’s investigation and strategy wing, Asra Nomani, criticized the administration for snatching rights given to parents under the First Amendment.