#EmptyShelvesJoe Becomes Latest Twitter Trend as Supply of Goods Dwindles

President Biden was trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons, as the supply chain dilemma threatens the country’s economy and the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Social media users shared pictures of near-empty shelves, slamming the president for the backlog of supplies

On Thursday, social media users created the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe to slam Biden for skyrocketing prices and empty shelves; this is due to the backlog of shipping containers that are waiting to dock at the ports in California.

One Twitter user posted a tweet, sarcastically thanking the president for making him go to the grocery every day to look for items that used to only take one trip, due to the shortage of items at grocery stores. The social media user then attached a picture of near-empty shelves.

Another Twitter user attacked Democrats and the president in a tweet, stating he is pretty sure Biden and other liberals in Washington are eating fine and not having any issues with getting the things they need. Meanwhile, the rest of the public (who actually goes to the grocery store) are having a hard time. 

According to reports, dozens of shipping cargoes remained stuck for over a month in a traffic jam at the Los Angeles coast, waiting to unload goods. 

This week, the issue earned widespread attention, as the delays persisted which threatens the timely distribution and delivery of holiday gifts. The shortage of supplies also leads to longer than the anticipated period of inflation. 

The costs of toys could rise up to 10%; in demand gifts will likely run out of stock, leading up to the holiday season

In addition to traffic at the ports, there is also a deficit of truckers. This likewise prevents companies from distributing supplies all over the country in a timely fashion. 

On the other hand, experts gave a warning that the cost of children’s toys could rise up to 10%, leading to the holiday season. Many of the in-demand gifts will more likely be out of stock as well.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration made an announcement on Wednesday, stating the port in Los Angeles would be extending its working hours to 24/7, in a desperate attempt to curtail the weeks’ worth of backlog. 

At the White House, Biden acknowledged holidays are coming and people might be wondering whether the gifts they planned to purchase will arrive on time. The president then claimed they have some “good news,” stating they are going to assist in speeding up the distribution of goods all over the country. 

The announcement was made by Biden after the soaring delays in international shipping. As of this week, there are almost 100 shipping containers which are idle at the coastline of Los Angeles, waiting to unload their goods.