Ex-White House Doctor Demands Transparency of Biden’s Mental Health

Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson from Texas, a previous White House doctor, is demanding Joe Biden’s health status after his most recent medical check-up declared him physically fit and able to fulfill his role as the head of the US military.

White House Accused of Hiding Biden’s Mental Health Status

Jackson criticized the lack of transparency from the Biden administration regarding the President’s mental health.

Jackson claims Biden’s mental health has declined and the White House is engaging in a “cover-up” of the issue.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Jackson expressed his dissatisfaction with the results of the president’s physical exam, which declared him to be healthy and fit for duty.

According to Jackson, the exam report is further evidence that the administration is concealing the truth about Biden’s mental state.

Moreover, Jackson expressed his concerns about the lack of cognitive tests in President Biden’s physical report.

According to him, the report failed to address the president’s declining mental health, and there is no transparency from the White House to acknowledge the issue.

He expressed concern about the lack of mention of Biden’s declining mental health in the physical report, despite his deteriorating condition being apparent to many Americans.

Jackson wrote to the White House, requesting that Biden undergo a cognitive test and the results are made public, all of which were ignored. He called for an end to the cover-up and transparency regarding Biden’s mental health status.

Biden’s Physical Exam Results Trigger Demand for Transparency

During the 2020 campaign trail, Jackson, who formerly worked as the White House physician for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, received criticism from Obama for his scrutiny of Biden’s cognitive health.

Jackson took it to Twitter and commented about then-presidential candidate Biden’s cognitive health during the 2020 campaign trail.

Jackson then detailed in his memoir a scathing email he received from Obama, who previously considered Jackson a friend and had always spoken highly of him in public and private, about the comments he made.

Despite criticism, Jackson has continued to advocate for greater transparency on the president’s health, arguing the people of America deserve to learn the truth concerning their leader’s mental fitness.

White House physician Kevin O’Connor released a memo on Thursday, stating that President Biden is healthy and fit to perform his presidential duties, despite concerns.

According to a memo released by White House physician Kevin O’Connor on Thursday, President Biden experiences symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, such as having to clear his throat more frequently, mostly after meals.

The report also mentioned a lesion was found on Biden’s chest and subsequently removed. Additionally, the president still experiences a stiff gait, but his condition has not deteriorated since last year.

O’Connor stated Biden’s oxygen levels never dropped below 97% last summer when he suffered from COVID, which was the primary medical occurrence for the president in the past year.