Falling Approval Ratings: Biden’s Nightmare Continues

Biden’s approval ratings hit a new low in his fifth quarter of the presidency. Only 41.3 percent of American adults now approve of his administration.

This marks the worst quarterly approval rating of the president since he assumed office in January last year.

Biden’s Approval Ratings Are in a Free-fall 

During the first two-quarters of his presidency, Biden saw good approval ratings, after which he started playing around with the country.

As coronavirus cases continued climbing, and the US made a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, voters started changing their perception of Biden in the following quarters.

In the recently concluded quarter, which started on January 20 and ended on April 19, Biden’s average approval rating dropped to 41.3 percent, compared to the average of the fourth quarter, when it was 41.7 percent, as per the latest Gallup survey.

These disastrous numbers of Biden’s presidency are likely to play a critical role in deciding the course of the 2022 midterm elections when Democrats will try to defend their thin majority in Congress.

Usually, presidents who remain unpopular during their first year see their parties losing seats in the midterm elections, as per the previous year’s data.

This means Democrats are highly unlikely to control the upcoming Congress.

Many Democrats still believe Biden can somehow pull a miracle to improve his ratings before the midterm elections.

However, historical patterns show this cannot happen for an unpopular president.

Democrats Have No Chance to Retain Congress in 2022

Historically, only Trump’s approval ratings surged between his fifth and seventh quarter, but still, Republicans lost 40 House seats in the 2018 midterms.

Though this historical trend is not the only nightmare for Biden.

For the last eight months, his popularity remained in the lower 40s, which means these numbers have to be increased by at least ten percent to make Biden a popular president once again, which seems impossible at the moment.

Reportedly, Biden is left with only one way to regain his lost popularity: he lures in his estranged voters, including people of color, marginalized communities, and young people.

All of these voters are feeling alienated as Biden failed to materialize his campaign promises.

Not only this, but progressive voters are also likely to turn against Biden, as the president is relying on resuming federal oil and gas leasing to cap oil prices, a move which progressives vehemently hate.

Six out of 11 post-World War II presidents had approval ratings of fifth-quarters above 50 percent.

Three of them, including George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and John F. Kennedy, reported ratings of more than seventy percent during this period.

However, Biden’s dwindling numbers are indicating a bigger storm that is yet to come in November, when Biden-driven inflation will play a key role in driving the outcome of the election.

Multiple surveys have already established Democrats hold no chance to control Congress in the upcoming elections, which are increasing the worries of Biden.