Far-Left Lawmakers Are Ready to Hijack Congress

Even though Republicans are in the position to win the 2022 midterm elections, far-left Democrats are likely to make a net gain.

This will put more radical members into the House. Far-left Democrats who supported the police defunding movement either won their primaries or are in a safe position to win them in various blue districts.

Progressive Democrats Ready to Hijack Congress 

In Texas’ 35th congressional district, socialist Democrat Greg Casar won the primary election. The incumbent congressman of the district, Llyod Doggett, will contest the elections from a newly drawn district.

Casar led the effort to reduce the Austin Police Department budget by $100 million in 2020, which led to the increased number of murders in Austin. Last year, only 51 people were arrested in Austin in relation to 89 murders in the city.

Similarly, in the 28th congressional district of Texas, progressive Democrat Jessica Cisneros is expected to give tough competition to Rep. Henry Cueller in the primary elections.

Although Cisneros did not endorse police defunding publically, she campaigned with AOC, who is the biggest critic of police funding.

Illinois is having the same problem. A progressive challenger, Kina Collina, is facing Democratic Congressman Danny Davis in the 7th congressional district of the state.

She was at the forefront of the defund the police rally last year and is being supported by the progressive political action committee, Justice Democrats.

During the rally, she streamed a live Facebook video in which the protestors could be seen chanting anti-police slogans.

Collins also highlighted the elimination of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as she claimed immigrants live in fear and have mental trauma which is destroying American society.

Her win will also be a major boon to anti-guns groups, as she is a frontline advocate of the abolition of guns from the United States.

House Progressives Will Increase Political Temperatures

In AOC’s own state of New York, the same Justice Democrats are supporting radical left activist Rana Abdelhamid, who is eyeing to defeat veteran Democrat Carolyn Maloney from the 12th Congressional district of the state.

Abdelhamid has repeatedly campaigned to defund the police and asked her followers to donate money to the Minnesota fund, which was responsible for arranging bails for violent criminals.

If these challengers win their elections, moderate Democrats will be reduced from the House, which will increase political polarization in Congress.

Reportedly, it can hurt the bipartisan efforts of passing legislation. Not only this, but these elements can also lobby to pressure Biden to pass the social spending agenda, which has been stopped in the Senate by moderates.

When Democratic leadership managed to pass the infrastructure bill without the socialist agenda, AOC warned the president it could create a major trust deficit between different factions of Democrats, which is only expected to increase once more radical members make it into the House.