Far-Left Senator Replicates the USSR Communism in America

When Bernie Sanders, a far-left US senator, visited the Soviet Union in 1988, he hailed the communist system of the country, which ultimately collapsed three years later.

More than three decades down the line, he is supporting the same ideology in Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

Bernie Sanders praised USSR after his trip

After his 10-day “very strange honeymoon” trip to the USSR in 1988, as Sanders described it himself, he noted the housing sector of the United States was better than that of the Soviet Union.

However, Sanders also claimed Americans were paying almost 40 percent more of their incomes in housing, compared to five percent in the Soviet Union. Similarly, Sanders asserted back in 1988, the healthcare sector of the United States had enormous problems.

Bernie Sanders admired the public transportation system of the USSR, which according to him, had “absolutely beautiful” train stations decorated with chandeliers, alongside their impressive culture and youth programs.

Meanwhile, Sanders also criticized the foreign policy of former President Ronald Reagan. Praising the Soviet Union’s system even further, Sanders encouraged that both countries should learn from each other and promote the strengths of both systems.

Sanders is perpetuating the former USSR ideology in the US

Now, three decades down the line, Sanders is impacting US domestic policy along the same lines.

The landmark legislation has been designed with the rigorous input of Sanders; policies implemented in the erstwhile USSR, like healthcare expansion and childcare programs, are being made a part of Build Back Better.

Sanders’ partners, who visited the USSR during the 1988 trip, gave interviews to the Washington Post in 2019; they claimed they were informed by locals the empire was about to collapse.

Vermont businessman Howard Seaver, who accompanied Sanders on the trip, noted everyone saw the downsides of the union. While they had low-cost apartments, they did not have political freedom or enough food to feed their population.

Seaver further claimed what Sanders saw in Russia back then makes his political ideology in today’s age, where he is not anti-capitalist, but wants the social safety net for everyone at the same time.

A former resident of the Soviet Union, Anna Borshchevskaya, told Washington Examiner in 2019 that Stalin (the former ruler of the USSR) killed countless people for building the train stations Sanders praised.

She said she does not disrespect Sanders’ intentions, yet the disregard for life was high in the Soviet Union.

Sanders was so moved by his USSR trip that he toured another communist country, Cuba, the following year.

After returning from Cuba, he admired the country, saying while it may not be a perfect country, it had “very high-quality healthcare” with almost no homeless people.

Replicating the same ideology, Sanders recently wrote in an op-ed for Fox News it is time for the Senate to vote for the social spending legislation.