Fauci Misled Trump Administration to Fund Chinese Gain-of-Function Research

An investigative Australian reporter delved deeper into how Dr. Anthony Fauci allegedly misled former President Trump and his administration on the gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. 

Fauci pushed Trump administration to bring back funding for gain-of-function research

A new book entitled “What Really Happened in Wuhan” was written by Sharri Markson. It also narrates in detail the crucial role Fauci played before and during the onset of the pandemic.

The Australian writer noted how Fauci has a public persona of a careful, cautious medical professional. This, of course, contradicts his key role in starting the unusually fraught gain-of-function research in the country that was banned during the Obama administration. 

On top of his role in reintroducing gain-of-function research, the book likewise alleged Fauci played an important part in giving funding to the COVID research in China.

Fauci also had a role in giving unsafe laboratories funding to study highly contagious viruses; this particularly includes viruses intelligence agencies suspect may have started the pandemic. 

The book was released in late September; it also stated in detail how the White House medical adviser convinced former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to bring back funding for a research laboratory in China. This lab was run by a U.S. nonprofit company called EcoHealth Alliance. 

The funding for the company was only terminated last year; that came after a decade of funding from the U.S. involving research for coronaviruses from bats. 

Fauci complained about the end of funding to China, brought the matter to Meadows

After Fauci complained about the abrupt end of funding, Alex Azar (the former secretary of Health and Human Services) allegedly told Fauci he had to bring the suggestion to the “boss.” The chief of staff was the person who’d be making the call. 

According to the book, Fauci had no doubts about talking to Meadows in an attempt to overturn the decision to stop EcoHealth funding. Although, by that time, it was already known to the public that the nonprofit company was funding laboratories in Wuhan.

Included among them was the gain-of-function research in a laboratory in the city where the pandemic started. 

Back in 2014, former President Obama stopped the government-funded gain-of-function research. However, the National Institutes of Health lifted the ban back in 2017.

Then, in 2015, Francis Collins (director of NIH) formalized the partnership with the Chinese Military Science. The book then shared a photo of Collins with the president of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, taken that same year.

On the other hand, a molecular biologist, Dr. Richard Ebright, accused Fauci of asserting lies about gain-of-function research, stating Fauci was technically the “father” of the research.

Ebright stated there are no other people in the world who did more than Fauci to expand, enable, and excuse gain-of-function research.