FBI Alerted by Parler About Threats of Violence Before January 6

"Stop The Steal" (CC BY 2.0) by Tyler Merbler

During this year alone, there’s been quite a bit of misinformation about Parler. The left-leaning mainstream media continues to wrongly assert that the conservative-friendly free speech site is dangerous and a hotbed for violent individuals. 

“Cloud” (CC BY 2.0) by Tyler Merbler

The reality, though is that every social media site has its kooks and crazies. In this regard, Facebook and Twitter are no different than Parler; however, Parler is treated very differently than its mainstream counterparts, due to the competitive threat the free speech site poses. 

Some people wish to believe that Parler did not act against individuals allegedly threatening violence ahead of January 6, 2021. However, as Breitbart News confirms, Parler notified the FBI about threats of violence before the insurrection. 

The Truth About Parler

Following a congressional information request, Parler obliged. Earlier this week, Parler submitted a 12-page response to false claims that the website is linked to “foreign entities” and part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign, among other things. 

Parler attorneys pushed back, confirming that the website is owned and operated by American citizens. Then, Parler explained that the Democrat-led House Oversight and Reform Committee is part of an agenda to wrongly blame the free speech site for what happened at the Capitol on January 6.

Parler even explained that on over 50 occasions, they alerted the FBI about violent threats on their platform. The FBI themselves can confirm this, seeing as they expressed gratitude to Parler for the provided alerts. 

Finally, Parler submitted documentation and data showing that many more threats of violence and incitement occurred on Facebook than on their own website. 

The Truth About Big Tech and Parler

There are some realities that simply aren’t being shared when it comes to Parler. The fact of the matter is that the site is not truly a threat to public safety, but instead a threat to the big tech monopoly. 

For quite some time, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have maintained status as the top dogs of the social media world. Ironically, however, these sites messed that up for themselves once they ramped up censorship of conservative users. 

Eventually, this censorship led to the creation of platforms like Parler. The free speech site has grown immensely, despite the obstacles it’s faced. Big tech may not like this, but it doesn’t give them the right to peddle disinformation about Parler. 

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