Fed Informants Caught Red-Handed in Proud Boys J6 Trial

The events of January 6, 2021 are something the left won’t stop obsessing over.

In addition to forming their taxpayer-funded “commission,” the extreme left Democrats also weaponized the FBI and DOJ to go after everyone possible to put them in jail over that day.

The ones being targeted are people who took selfies when they went into the Capitol. These are people who are languishing in jail.

Though one of the top groups which have been targeted is the Proud Boys.

They were involved in the protests and entry into the Capitol. Information about just how badly they had been infiltrated by FBI assets is now coming to light and it’s much worse than anyone realized.

The Proud Boys Were Basically a Fed Fiesta

Proud Boys are an organization that was supposed to be about loving America and the Constitution and standing up for it in protests and rallies.

We now know from the J6 trials that are going on that at least eight CHS (Confidential Human Sources) or informants, were infiltrated into the Proud Boys network.

There are five Proud Boys members on trial. In other words, for every Proud Boys member being prosecuted over January 6, there were basically two informants who were spying on them, inciting them, and watching them.

Though there’s a really big question that emerges from this, one absolutely everybody should be asking.

If there were so many informants deep in the Proud Boys for months prior to J6, how were they unaware that a major protest was being planned on Capitol Hill?

Let’s Get Real

Obviously, the informants knew that J6 was being planned, which means the FBI and Secret Service also knew.

There is zero doubt the intelligence community and others high up knew that Proud Boys and other groups were going to get rowdy and allowed it to happen. Perhaps, they even wanted it to happen.

This goes beyond J6 as well. Even once Proud Boys have been on trial, informants have been poisoning their cases and trying to get them locked up.

One woman named Jen Loh has been pretending to be a supporter of the Proud Boys on trial and helping their defense and suggesting witnesses. Loh is a paid informant working for the FBI.

One of the current trials is now in doubt as the Proud Boy members’ defense team asks why they weren’t told one of their top advisors is literally working for the prosecution.

The Bottom Line

What exactly were all these informants doing? We need to know more and have the full extent of these people’s actions and words uncovered.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.