Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has temporarily halted the COVID vaccine mandate of the Biden administration; this mandate ordered all companies with over 100 employees to get their workforce vaccinated by January 4, 2022.

Three judges overturned Biden’s vaccination mandate

Recently, many private companies joined hands with the GOP attorney generals of Texas, Louisiana, Utah, South Carolina, and Mississippi to file petitions against the Biden administration for mandating vaccines.

The court decided on Saturday to stop the mandate temporarily; they cited concerns that the filed petition has strong grounds against the legality of the mandate. 

Three judges made the decision; all of them were appointed by either Donald Trump or Ronald Reagan, two Republican, former presidents.

Many companies (including Staff Force, Burnett Specialist, and Choice Staffing) evinced the vaccination mandate put them in a situation where they had to either violate federal laws or Texas state laws.

This concern has also been raised by the Florida governor; DeSantis declared the vaccine mandate for federal contractors contradicts state laws.

Not only this, but the companies also asserted vaccine mandates would impose hefty fines and make them lose critical employees to the smaller companies that are not required to vaccinate their workforce.

Democrats are also opposing Biden’s vaccine mandate

Various stakeholders have applauded the court’s verdict, which signifies the importance of the decision. 

The general counsel for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Robert Henneke (one of the people involved in filing the lawsuit) said the fast turnaround by the court depicts the need to ban the vaccine mandate.

Not only this, but he also told the White House the vaccine mandate is ill-conceived and unconstitutional at the same time.

It should be noted that even some Democrats are also going against the stringent vaccine mandate, as they voice out their concerns and opinions against it.

Laura Kelly, a Democratic Kansas governor, scolded Biden for the mandate, citing it as not the “correct” way for the state to handle the pandemic.

Kelly said while the goal to keep people safe is a good approach, the way the administration is enacting mandates is not an effective solution to achieve this goal.

After this stoppage from the federal court, the White House cannot impose the mandate on any employee till the dust of the case is settled.

The Biden administration vowed to defend the mandate in court, for which they have time until Monday. Seema Nanda, the US Labor Department’s lawyer, said they are planning to challenge it in court.

The verdict is a welcome development, as it shows the court’s interest in canceling the vaccine mandate that is trespassing on civilians’ liberties.

The latest update about the vaccine mandate was announced by the White House on Thursday. However, within two days, the forceful implementation of the policy was stopped by the court.