Feud Deepens Between Trump, Georgia Election Officials

As of now, there are 250 ongoing investigations into election irregularities in the state of Georgia. Between the Senate runoffs and 2020 presidential election disputes, Georgia continues to garner national attention.

President Trump and many of his supporters have criticized the manner in which Georgia election officials managed this year’s presidential race. Concerned individuals believe that Peach State officials have been derelict in their duties to ensure fairness, prevent fraud, and maintain the propriety of recount and audit processes.

“2020 Christmas Tree Lighting” (Public Domain) by The White House

Over the past few weeks, President Trump and various Georgia election officials have publicly criticized one another. The feud only deepened yesterday when one election official in the Peach State accused the 45th president of spreading “misinformation,” confirms Breitbart News.

Pushback from Georgia Election Officials

Election officials in Georgia continue to insist that they have not mishandled the presidential race.

This position maintains in spite of affidavits and various reports to the contrary; however, the Georgia secretary of state and lieutenant governor have both gone on the record, claiming that there’s no evidence to assert widespread fraud or deliver a Trump victory in Georgia.

On Sunday, election official Gabriel Sterling jumped into the fray during an interview with MSNBC. Sterling, like other Georgia election officials, declared that absolutely no fraud tainted the state’s race.

Sterling then accused Trump of unnecessarily “stoking anger and fear” among his base; he then declared that President Trump should publicly disavow various threats Georgia election officials continue to face.

Getting to the Bottom of this Election

Yesterday, the Georgia secretary of state expressed an interest in getting through the 250 ongoing probes into voter fraud as rapidly as possible. The official also informed that he’s asked Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, to provide the necessary resources to expedite investigations.

President Trump and the lawyers backing him maintain that the fight will continue until every legal vote is counted. Right now, the president is still in the middle of exhausting all legal strategies; this applies not just in Georgia, but also throughout the country.

Thus far, there are no signs indicating that tension between President Trump and Georgia election officials will die down anytime soon.

What do you think about how Georgia election officials have handled the 2020 presidential election? Do you believe President Trump’s accusations of voter fraud are accurate and fact-based? Let us know down below in the comments section below!