Fewer Than Half of Americans Want Trump to Concede 2020 Race

"Donald Trump supporters" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Thus far, there’s been a lot of left-wing talk about President Trump conceding the 2020 election.

In spite of numerous cases, reports, and affidavits, and more that allege cheating, fraud, ballots counted in secret, and more, Democrats insist that there’s nothing to see here. They claim that the 45th president ought to concede the election with no questions asked.

“Donald Trump sign” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

While this is the prevailing perspective amongst left-wingers and Democrats, less than half of the nation agrees with them, as Breitbart News explains.

Where Americans Stand on Trump and the 2020 Presidential Election

According to a survey conducted by Politico/Morning Consult, 46% of registered, U.S. voters maintain that a “right away” concession from President Trump is appropriate; however, this number gets even more interesting when breaking it down according to partisanship.

The 46% of registered, U.S. voters with the aforementioned outlook includes only 17% of GOP members, yet 43% of Independents, and a whopping 72% of Democrats.

This latest poll also breaks down the perceived outlook of the timeline for a possible concession. 21% of Democrats, 34% of Independents, and 45% of Republicans are in favor of the president conceding the race to Joe Biden “eventually” if allegations of voter fraud aren’t proven in the courts. The overall total of U.S. voters with this outlook comes out to 32%.

However, another 12% of registered U.S. voters believe that “no matter what,” the president should decline to concede the 2020 presidential race. Of this 12%, 27% are Republicans, 8% are Independents, and only 3% are Democrats.

A remaining 9% of folks surveyed confirmed that they’re either unaware or don’t have an outlook on the matter of Trump conceding.

The Ongoing Process of Litigation

Despite the details in the above-mention poll, the litigation for this presidential race is far from over. Just yesterday, Nevada’s Clark County Commission tossed out 153,000 votes cast due to “discrepancies” that would have tainted the election’s certainty.

In other states, like Georgia, thousands of new and uncounted ballots are being found in counties like Floyd and Fayette; meanwhile, Fulton County is currently under investigation for its chosen method of managing the 2020 presidential election and subsequent votes.

The president and his campaign are adamant; they will never relinquish the fight for a free and fair election. At this time, the act of concession is not even on the table.

What do you think about President Trump conceding the 2020 race? Are you for it or against it? Be sure to let us know where you stand on this matter in the comments section below!