First Couple Sends Out Warm Christmas Message to All Americans

At this time, the nation remains very much divided. Between political disputes, differences in opinions regarding COVID-19 and subsequent mitigation methods, many Americans have a bone to pick with their fellow citizens.

However, yesterday, the nation celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, also known as Christmas. Generally, the Christmas season is meant to engender feelings of warmth and togetherness, despite the chaotic events of the world.

“White House Christmas 2018” (Public Domain) by The White House

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump sent out a warm Christmas message to all Americans earlier this week, confirms Breitbart News.

Seasons Greetings from the First Couple of America

In the president and first lady’s message to the nation, they wished every single American a very Merry Christmas. The 45th president lauded the birth of Jesus Christ as “the greatest miracle” in the history of humanity before discussing the first announcement of Christ’s birth.

After Trump finished with the origin story of Christmas, the first lady acknowledged the difficulties that some American families are facing this season. She noted the struggles that various people have endured due to COVID-19 and shutdowns; then, the first lady paid tribute to Americans who’ve served on the frontlines this year.

Finally, the first couple wrapped up their Christmas message to the country with a few more pointers. The president reminded America that millions of more batches of the coronavirus vaccine are on their way before thanking God and noting his glory. Then, the first lady gave thanks to U.S. servicemembers and those working in law enforcement.

Christmas 2020

After the uncertain and difficult year that many Americans struggled through, celebrating the holidays and having a Merry Christmas seemed to be on many people’s minds.

This explains why millions traveled, in spite of Dr. Fauci and other health “experts” advising against it. Health officials, furthermore, continue to come under fire for breaching their own guidelines regarding gatherings, travel, etc.

The latest guilty party (that the country knows of) is Dr. Deborah Birx. Like so many other leaders, Birx urged Americans to halt their travel plans and only gather with immediate household members for the holidays; Birx called for this before doing her own traveling to be with multiple generations of her family.

Amid substantial backlash, Birx announced that she will retire in the upcoming near future.

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