First Lady Jill Biden Insulted at King Charles’ Coronation

A significant amount of debate has arisen over President Joe Biden’s decision to decline King Charles III’s invitation to the coronation.

Although no U.S. president has ever attended a coronation, some critics perceive this as a slight against the royal family. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and her granddaughter, Finnegan, attended on his behalf.

However, Twitter users are now expressing their discontent regarding their less-than-optimal seating arrangements.

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Social media users feel that the coronation organizers desired the presence of world leaders, but when they received the First Lady instead, they believe King Charles failed to accord her the respect she deserved.

The reactions were intense. The tweet that ignited the conversation featured a screenshot of Jill and Finnegan straining to view the events transpiring before them. It appeared they had a better view of the attendees’ heads than of King Charles’ significant moment.

The Twitter user described the situation as “insulting.”

Numerous Twitter users chimed in with their opinions as well, with one stating, “She should’ve stayed home. Why waste time and money for this hot mess only to sit somewhere in the back corner?”

Another chimed in, “Who puts Dr. Jill in the back row?” Some even suggested the First Lady should have followed Prince Harry’s example, commenting, “She should leave at the same time as Harry. Share a cab to the airport and go home!”

While there were countless remarks, some too heated to reproduce, the overall sentiment was clear: no one should put Dr. Jill in the corner!

White House Defends Biden’s Absence

Despite the disappointing seating arrangement, the first lady and her granddaughter engaged in various coronation activities during their three-day visit.

On a positive note, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murty, warmly embraced Jill at events on both Friday and Sunday, demonstrating at least some attendees appreciated her presence.

In early April, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed a question regarding the 80-year-old politician’s absence from the European festivities.

Jean-Pierre informed that during the call, Biden congratulated the King. Jean-Pierre then said Biden and the King had a very friendly conversation.

She added the president has a good relationship with the King and fondly recalled his visit with the Queen in 2021 at Windsor. The president also expressed his hopes to visit again soon.