Florida Governor Resists Pressure to Stall State Reopening

"Ron DeSantis" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As reports of increasing COVID-19 cases maintain, many governors and other leaders are facing pressure to bring a halt to their reopening plans.

In spite of the reported case increases, deaths for coronavirus are down. It’s also important to note COVID-19’s recovery rate continues to surpass 99%, while 80% of all infections are mild.


Due to the aforementioned details, some elected officials are resisting outside pressure to dial back reopening plans. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) certainly falls into this category.

Per Breitbart News, the GOP governor is pushing back against health “expert” Anthony Fauci who claims that Florida reopened too soon.

A Closer Look at Gov. DeSantis’ Commitment to Reopening Florida

In several interviews and appearances, Fauci has pushed for states to either shut back down or pause reopening. The health “expert” also cites reopening as a cause for the reported increases in COVID-19 cases; of course, news of more cases arrives as testing for the virus surges across the nation as well.

During remarks on a FiveThirtyEight podcast, Fauci specifically stated that Florida was too hasty in reopening. This prompted immediate pushback from DeSantis, however; during a Friday press conference, the Florida governor professed that “no justification” existed for pausing reopening.

Likewise, DeSantis also pointed out that coronavirus presently maintains a “five-day incubation period.” Therefore, if reopening caused new COVID-19 cases, six weeks wouldn’t need to pass before this link became apparent.

Thus far, there is no concrete evidence linking reopening with new coronavirus cases; however, the belief that reopening is causing more infections is quite popular with those who favor a return to lockdowns.

More on Florida’s Reopening Plan

In addition to resisting shutdowns, the Florida governor has also refused to implement a statewide mask mandate. As many Democrat leaders, and even some Republicans, issue orders for forced masking, DeSantis maintains that he’s not going to do this.

Instead, the Florida governor is allowing local leaders within the state to decide whether or not their community members should wear masks. Several local Florida officials have implemented mask mandates; however, they’re facing lawsuits and pushback from state residents who disagree with the government “requiring” face coverings.

What do you think about the Florida governor’s plan for reopening the state? Are you glad that he is refusing to shut down again or issue a statewide face-covering mandate? Let us know down below in the comments section.