Florida Governor Reveals Statewide Progress in Newsmax Town Hall

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Over the past year, Florida has gained attention across the nation.

The leadership of Ron DeSantis, the GOP governor of the Sunshine State, marks a stark contrast against choices made by other leaders. As the Florida governor’s popularity rises among the conservative base, he’s largely viewed as a possible candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. 

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DeSantis’ leadership is also a significant factor in why Florida is thriving. Americans from across the nation are coming to Florida in droves, whether for short visits or permanent moves. 

On Wednesday evening, DeSantis engaged in a Newsmax town hall event. During this time, the Florida governor discussed a variety of relevant, pressing matters. 

What to Know About the Florida Governor’s Newsmax Town Hall 

Yesterday, Governor DeSantis spoke with Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith about a series of matters at the town hall. The Republican governor talked about education, law enforcement, Florida’s rolling out of the COVID-19 vaccine, and much more. 

During last night’s town hall, DeSantis also took questions from attendees of the event. When asked about his work to retain and recruit new police officers, the Florida governor did not mince words.

DeSantis explained that attacks against police and other law enforcement officers won’t be tolerated. The Florida governor also pointed out that under the state’s anti-riot laws, looting, rioting, assault, attacking police, etc., are each offenses that will result in prison time. 

During his remarks about education, DeSantis also made clear that Florida won’t stand for the Marxist teachings of critical race theory in schools. 

The Future of the Sunshine State

In light of present conditions and circumstances, Florida has an immensely bright future. The state is not only doing well economically, but also putting in place safeguards against leftist measures that only bring ruin to communities. 

Right now in Florida, both the private sector and government are legally banned from implementing vaccine passport programs. This is the law in Florida, as is the prohibition of Marxist teachings in schools, the destruction of communities, etc. 

Under DeSantis’ governorship, Florida has also taken measures to secure elections in the state. As DeSantis continues leading and gaining popularity, the left is coming after him with full force; however, the Florida governor has never let this stop him or interfere with the enactment of good policy. 

Earlier this year, former President Trump stated that DeSantis is under consideration for a possible VP slot, should Trump run for office again in 2024. Many of the Florida governor’s supporters are also hopeful that DeSantis himself runs for president during the next election cycle. 

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