Florida No Longer Under Coronavirus Restrictions

For quite some time, Americans have vocalized issues with coronavirus restrictions imposed by leaders. Shutdowns continue to harm livelihoods, businesses, and even the mental health of so many folks across the nation.

However, the tide appears to be turning. Certain communities across the nation are gradually reopening and pulling back restrictions, notably as cases of COVID-19 decline.


Florida, however, took a major step forward yesterday.

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that bars and restaurants can resume service at complete operations; furthermore, the GOP governor’s lifting of COVID-19 restrictions override any local ordinances, explains Breitbart News.

The Liberation of the Sunshine State

Governor DeSantis announced the changes in Florida during a press conference. In doing so, the Florida governor explained that no additional shutdowns are happening in the state moving forward.

As such, bars and restaurants throughout the Sunshine State have the green light to resume operations at 100% capacity. Fines for failure to comply with mask mandates are also gone, as are fines for declining to social distance.

DeSantis moreover spoke about residents’ right to work, earn a living, and run their businesses. Per the Florida governor, local governments do not have a right to “say no after six months” and leave workers and business owners stranded.

Governor DeSantis then explained that the adverse consequences of consistently keeping people out of work include a “floundering” society with massive joblessness levels and children not getting their necessary education.

The Beginning of a Return to Normal?

Conservatives, patriots, and other Americans who have tired of endless government edicts have praised the Florida governor’s decision. Others are suggesting that different states, notably red ones, may in fact follow Florida’s lead.

Lifting restrictions on businesses and scrapping fines for failure to adhere to masking and social distancing is a relief to many Americans. Florida conservatives are definitely celebrating, as are folks across the nation who remain supportive of reopening America and getting the nation back to work.

The significant reopening of Florida is also projected to have a positive impact on the economy; with more people working and able to return to their businesses, many Floridians and others have hope about the future that lies ahead.

Are you glad that Governor DeSantis reopened the state of Florida? Do you think other states across the nation will follow, lifting restrictions and fines? Share your predictions with us down below in the comments section.