Florida’s S.B. 90 Under Fire from the White House

"Florida National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

On Thursday, Florida moved to secure the state’s election. This happened when Ron DeSantis, the GOP governor, signed into law Senate Bill 90. 

S.B. 90, as it turns out, is comprised of several commonsense provisions. These provisions entail keeping private money away from elections, upholding voter ID requirements, the banning of ballot harvesting, and more. 

“Florida National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Democrats are incensed. Lawsuits have already commenced; meanwhile, the left is working yet again to demonize election security. Yesterday, the White House joined the fray by spewing utter falsehoods about S.B. 90., as Newsmax reports.  

The White House on Florida’s Election Integrity Laws

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House’s deputy press secretary, spoke to the media on Thursday about S.B. 90.

Jean-Pierre accused Florida of having no “legitimate reason” to do what she called “changing rules”; from there, the White House deputy press secretary described last year’s presidential race as the “most secure.” After asserting that Florida aims to make voting more challenging, Jean-Pierre claimed that bills in support of election security are grounded in lies. 

This commentary hardly comes as a shock. The White House also made a point of condemning Georgia after the Peach State passed an election integrity bill of its own. Democrats are coming out against any GOP state that seeks to preserve the sanctity of elections. 

Bigger Fish to Fry? 

It is an unfortunate reality that the White House spends quite a bit of time going after conservatives and Republicans; however, it is most unfortunate that the Biden administration refuses to direct this energy to true matters of importance. 

The existential emergency at the Southern border is one example; another matter Democrats should focus on is the danger of all their spending bills. Nevertheless, Biden and his allies have proven that they have very different strategies in mind. 

These strategies entail vilifying the opposing party while seeking full political power; hence, why Democrats aim to pass the For the People Act. Getting H.R. 1 through Congress means stripping states of their rights to run their own elections; instead, the federal government would take over this responsibility. 

Despite the gaslighting from the radical left, Republicans remain devoted to election security. 

What do you think about the White House going on the attack against Florida? Do you agree with the rules within Florida’s S.B. 90? Let us know your viewpoints on the state’s election integrity law in the comments section below.