Former U.N. Ambassador to Harris: “This Is Embarrassing”

"Ambassador Haley Listens on as Secretary Pompeo Delivers Remarks to the Press on the UN Human Rights Council" (United States government work) by U.S. Department of State

On Tuesday, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley slammed Vice President Kamala Harris on how she handled the border crisis, saying “this is embarrassing.”

During an interview with America Reports, Haley ripped Harris for her handling of the border crisis. Harris, who has yet to set a date to travel to the U.S. – Mexico border, went almost 100 days without conducting any press conference to address the migrant surge. 

Haley: “You cannot fix what you cannot see”

The former U.N. Ambassador then said, “this is embarrassing,” adding that every leader knows that you cannot fix what you cannot see. Haley also emphasized that Harris has not even been on the ground; she hasn’t even talked to the Border Patrol. Haley then added that basically, the vice president does not know what is happening at the border. 

Haley also noted that Harris and Biden seemed to be “afraid” to travel to the border, adding that they are in “flat out denial”. She also alleged that Biden and Harris think that if they do not travel to the border, the issue “won’t be real,” but in fact, the crisis is very real. 

Harris’ defense: “We’ve been to the border”

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Meanwhile, in an interview with NBC News on Tuesday, Harris was asked if she plans to visit the border. Harris answered by forcing that she has been to the border. The vice president was seemingly challenging the issue by saying, “this whole thing about the border” (her not visiting the border) is not true. Harris also said that “at some point,” they will go to the border, but added that they have been there. 

Yet, again, the vice president was pressed by NBC host Lester Holt, reminding Harris that she has not been to the border since sitting as the vice president. 

However, Harris can only come up with an excuse saying she also “[has not gone] to Europe.” The vice president later added that she didn’t really comprehend the point that Holt was making.

Nevertheless, the vice president pushed back and said that she is not discounting the importance of the border crisis. 

Haley: Not Europe but “the job of the border.”

Haley responded to the interview with strong opinions. The former U.N. ambassador stated that no one is giving Harris the job of Europe, adding that Harris, “got the job of the border.”

Haley noted that she appreciates Harris’ trips to Guatemala and Mexico since both of these countries are vocal about their criticism against Harris and Biden for their words regarding immigration. To this end, Haley said Biden-Harris “helped spur” the migration of South and Central Americans into the United States.

During Harris’ trip to Guatemala, she is trying to lessen the collateral damage of their campaign, as she now urges people not to come to the U.S.

This comment sparked outrage from Democrats, which according to them stood in contrast to her previous campaigns saying, “everyone is welcome here”.