Frustrated Biden Administration Clashes with the Media AGAIN

Spokesman of the State Department Ned Price once again got into a heated clash with an Associated Press reporter.

This time, the spokesman got offended when the reporter asked him about the controversial measure of the Biden administration to waive nuclear sanctions from Iran.

Biden administration frustrated over waiving Iran nuclear sanctions

Matt Lee, the senior reporter of the Associated Press, asked Price whether the waiver of too many sanctions would give Iran the benefits it needed or not.

Responding to this, Price lost his cool. He told the reporter he did not need to raise his voice. While Price did not answer the question straight away, he noted the net goal of this measure is to achieve nonproliferation by Iran.

The clash came just days after another such incident when a different reporter asked the spokesman if his department had enough evidence to claim Russia was planning a false flag operation to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

Recently, the Biden administration eliminated sanctions against many companies. This will allow them to take part in the civilian nuclear and safety programs of Iran without getting into any legal trouble.

However, Matt Lee was unsatisfied with the answer; thus, the back and forth arguments continued. Matt asked if the waiver does not give any specific benefit to Iran, why is the Biden administration even bothering to remove these sanctions?

Price asserted doing so would encourage Iran to take steps to curb its nuclear technologies, which it is unwilling to do at this moment.

Yet, Matt refused to buy the narrative. He informed the spokesman that lifting sanctions on companies will help European, Russian, and Chinese firms to establish their brands in Iran.

Lee also asked Price why the government informed Congress about their move if it does not mean to help Iran.

Ned Price is a leftist bureaucrat

Price is considered as one of the highly partisan staff members of the Biden administration.  

It is also worth noting that he has previously served as the National Security Council (NSC) spokesman under Obama. However, once Trump won the election in 2016, Price resigned in protest.

He only joined again after Democrats took over the White House in 2021.

When he wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency, Price noted that he could not do his job in “good faith” under the leadership of the Trump administration.

The Biden administration is currently in the process of talking with Iran about its nuclear program. No one knows how it will go.

As the critical stage of the talks is about to restart in Vienna, experts believe the United States just gave Iran a reason to break the stalemate by lifting some sanctions.