Gen. Milley Revealed Confidential Information to China

General Milley’s “traitorous” misconduct was revealed in a book, narrating in detail the conversations he had with his Chinese counterpart.

These conversations involved revealing the nuclear capabilities of the United States and creating a threat to the deterrence protocols of the United States.

“Peril” narrated in detail how General Milley went behind Trump’s back to talk to China

“Peril” is a book written by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. It reveals in detail how General Milley went behind President Trump’s back to talk to his Chinese counterpart General Li Zuocheng.

Milley did this to talk about classified military information, particularly in relation to the nuclear weapons of the United States.

According to the book, at the time when the conversation was held between Milley and the Chinese general, they were preparing for former President Trump to use nuclear weapons in order to stay in office.

During the final months of the Trump administration, Milley made two phone calls to the commanding general of the Chinese military, General Li Zoucheng.

The first interaction happened on October 30, just days before the presidential election. During this time, Milley reassured China that Trump would not launch a nuclear strike.

The U.S. general likewise told Li he would let him know if there was an imminent attack from the United States. Then, the second interaction between Milley and Li was after the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The call was made in order to allegedly reassure the Chinese government the United States remained in stable condition. Milley reportedly told the Chinese general that there are times when democracy can get “sloppy”.

On the other hand, Milley argued that these calls he had with the Chinese general fall “perfectly within” the line of responsibilities and duties he has in his job.

Pelosi called Trump “crazy,” to which Milley agreed

It is true U.S. government officials indeed have routine calls with their counterparts and potential adversaries; however, Milley’s calls were made at a time when there was escalating tension between China and the United States.

The tension was over the military exercises conducted at the South China Sea. The continuous rhetoric made by Trump towards China also added more strain to the situation.

On top of this, Milley also reached out to Li and advised China to postpone the military exercises planned to be held in the eastern Pacific.

To add more into these damning revelations, the author of “Peril” also specified details and previous conversations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Milley back in January.

At that time, Pelosi was questioning Milley about the safeguards available that could prevent former President Trump from launching a nuclear attack. According to the book, Pelosi described the president as “crazy,” to which Milley agreed.

The actions of the U.S. general created a strain in civil-military precedent and emphasized how trust has to be repaired. Some find Milley’s actions “controversial,” while others consider it “traitorous.”