Georgia Dem. Warnock Slammed by Fellow Leftist for “Bigoted Views”

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Raphael Warnock is one of two Democrats running for Senate in the Georgia runoffs. These races couldn’t be more high-stakes; the success of both Republican candidates in Georgia is imperative for the Senate to stay under the GOP’s control.

Warnock is currently up against Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Over the past week, Warnock has put out a series of ads, attacking Loeffler while also attempting to soften up his own image, amid criticism of past remarks.

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Loeffler remains neck-in-neck with her leftist opponent and repeatedly holds Warnock to task for his radical policies and talking points. According to Newsmax, though, the Georgia senator isn’t the only one who takes issues with remarks made by Warnock.

Warnock’s Bigotry on Full Display

Coverage of the Georgia runoffs will continue, especially with the impending involvement of President Trump’s campaigning for Loeffler and Perdue.

Perdue, a fellow Georgia GOP senator, remains in a heated race against liberal Jon Ossoff, mirroring the contest between Loeffler and Warnock. Yesterday, self-professed liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz appeared on NewsmaxTV and admitted that despite his political affiliation, he’s not supportive of Warnock’s campaign to become a senator.

Quite simply, Dershowitz declared that Warnock won’t get support from him or Democrats like him unless Warnock “changes his views.” Dershowitz then noted that Warnock’s statements involve insulting Israel, bashing the military, asserting that no one can serve God and serve in the Armed Forces, etc.

Before Dershowitz’s time on NewsmaxTV ended, he informed the publication that he’d rather have Loeffler in office despite her being “a Republican [he] may disagree with” than to see someone with Warnock’s views in Congress.

Holding the Line in Georgia

Ensuring that America doesn’t wind up with Warnock (or Ossoff) in the Senate will depend upon how Georgians vote, come January 5. Republicans across America are urging Peach State residents to vote for Loeffler and Perdue while rejecting the radicalism that Warnock and Ossoff would bring to the Senate.

On Saturday, December 5, President Trump will be in Georgia to rally support for Loeffler and Perdue. Thus far, a specific venue and time for the president’s event have yet to be announced; however, Georgians who are interested should keep their eyes peeled in the days ahead.

What do you think about Raphael Warnock’s views, policies, and statements? Should he be serving in the U.S. Senate? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!