Georgia Democrat Put on Blast for Ties to Communist China

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Over the course of 2020, there’s been a lot of talk about the Chinese government in American politics.

The origin of the infamous coronavirus goes back to Wuhan, China; investigations determined this and also showed that the Chinese government knew of this virus and didn’t act to stop it.

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In Georgia. Republican Sen. David Perdue is up for re-election and running against Democrat Jon Ossoff. While Perdue has repeatedly slammed Ossoff over policy issues, the Georgia Republican is now holding Ossoff to task for ties to the communist Chinese government.

The Perdue campaign, in a new ad, shines the spotlight on just how connected to China Ossoff truly is, according to Breitbart News.

Ossoff’s Ties to Communist China

In one of Perdue’s most recent senatorial campaign ads, he calls out Jon Ossoff for not reporting payments that his media production company obtained from the Hong Kong-based PCCW.

During Ossoff’s second debate against Perdue, the latter held the Georgia Democrat’s feet to the fire for ties to communist China and failure to disclose these ties. Shortly after this exchange, Ossoff took the liberty of amending his campaign’s financial disclosure to show the PCCW funds his business received.

In Perdue’s one-minute ad, voiceovers detail that Ossoff and his family are “all sleazed up” with the Chinese government. Now, the Georgia Democrat has previously stated that his lack of initial disclosure happened due to a “paperwork oversight.”

However, the ad informs listeners that Ossoff purposefully concealed his business ties to China until the end of his primary before “restating” his financial disclosures in a manner to keep Georgians from finding out.

Finally, Perdue’s ad ends with a warning that Ossoff “cannot be trusted” to hold the Chinese government accountable.

More Issues of Controversy from the Ossoff Campaign

Ossoff’s ties to communist China are not the only matters that Perdue has singled out.

The Georgia Republican furthermore maintains that his Democrat rival has a tendency of changing his policy positions when doing so proves to be advantageous. For instance, Ossoff has previously claimed to oppose defunding the police; yet, the Georgia Democrat is still on video attending Defund the Police rallies.

Ultimately, Perdue is making the case that Ossoff cannot be trusted to be honest with Georgians; this is also why the GOP senator has declined to debate Ossoff anymore.

What do you think about Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff’s ties to the communist Chinese government? Do you believe Ossoff should serve in the U.S. Senate? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!