Georgia Democrat Under Fire Amid Abuse Claims from Ex-Wife

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Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock has been under quite the microscope, as of late. This senatorial candidate who is running against incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler is responsible for statements that many Americans view as disturbing.

Urging the country to “open up the jails” is one example, as are Warnock’s claims that no one can serve both Jesus and the military. The Georgia Democrat has also lauded Marxism, defended Fidel Castro and Jeremiah Wright, while professing that America needs to “repent for its worship of whiteness.”

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Now, Warnock’s campaign is trying as hard as possible to soften his image. This means Warnock wearing the color blue in his political ads, speaking calmly, and walking with puppies. However, resurfaced claims of abuse and manipulation from Ouleye Ndoye, Warnock’s ex-wife, are currently making headlines, per Breitbart News.

Reviewing Abuse Claims from Warnock’s Ex-Wife

On Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Americans got a first-hand look at police body camera footage of Warnock and Ndoye. Dating back to March of this year, the footage shows Warnock’s then-wife in tears and alleging that Warnock ran over her foot with his vehicle; of course, the Georgia Democrat denies that this ever happened.

Warnock’s ex-wife also makes some very interesting remarks about his personal character, though. Ndoye stated that Warnock is great at “putting on a really good show” and that since launching his congressional campaign, all the Georgia Democrat cares about is his “reputation.”

Ndoye also noted that for the sake of her children, she tried to keep Warnock’s true nature “under wraps,” but then stated that he “crossed the line” when allegedly running over her foot. Finally, Warnock’s ex-wife warned that he is a “great actor.”

A Growing List of Issues with Warnock

The resurfaced footage from Ouleye Ndoye only adds to the growing list of problems for Warnock and his campaign. Now, the Georgia Democrat has accused Sen. Loeffler of intentionally taking his past remarks “out of context,” but all Loeffler’s done is roll the tape of Warnock speaking.

When Loeffler and Warnock faced off at an Atlanta Press Club debate, he would not denounce socialism or Marxism; he also wouldn’t denounce communism. Warnock, prior to running for office, consistently espoused divisive and racially-fueled talking points; he also aligned himself with others who did the same.

What do you think about the claims of abuse from Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife? Do you believe Warnock should become a U.S. senator? Let us know in the comments section below!