Georgia Moves to Take Legislative Action Against Package Theft

"Georgia State Capitol" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by fw_gadget

When Americans order goods online, the last thing they want is their packages to be stolen from their doorsteps. Yet, sadly, this is something that has happened to many people across the nation.

“Atlanta: Georgia State Capitol 2020” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Anthony G. Reyes

In the state of Georgia, there is work to up the legal consequences of package theft. Likewise, officials in California and Tennessee are also calling to increase the penalties for stealing people’s packages. With more and more Americans choosing to order food, goods, and other essentials online, package theft is incredibly serious and damaging.

According to Breitbart News, the Georgia House of Representatives passed legislation that would make the act of package theft a felony.

Stopping Package Theft in the Peach State

As of right now, package theft in Georgia is a misdemeanor crime; however, a new bill passed by the House of Representatives in the Peach State could change this. House GOP Rep. Bonnie Rich is one of the sponsors of the aforementioned bill and celebrated this week when the Georgia body passed the legislation with 101 votes in favor and 67 against it.

In a public statement, the Georgia Republican noted her work with the United States Postal Inspector to stop the theft of deliveries. Furthermore, Rep. Rich explained that the bill making package theft a felony comes after many calls from Georgians who want officials to put an end to this sort of crime.

Since the porch piracy legislation has passed in the Georgia House of Representatives, the Georgia Senate will now have to hold a vote.

Opposition from Georgia Democrats

Georgia Democrats are leading the charge against legislation that would make package theft a felony in the Peach State. Quite simply, these Democrats argued that the aforementioned legislation is ripe with “excessive criminal penalties” before calling on the Georgia governor to veto the legislation, should it arrive on his desk.

Democrats in the Peach State who oppose making package theft a felony have not offered any alternatives to stop stolen deliveries. Georgia Democrats did, however, accuse Republican sponsors of the bill of “posturing” to be tough on crime.

The Georgia governor has not indicated that he will veto the porch piracy legislation if it arrives on his desk.

Do you think package theft should be a crime in the state of Georgia? Let us know where you stand on criminalizing the theft of deliveries down below in the comments section.