Georgia Republicans Hammer Warnock on Abuse Allegations

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Exactly one week remains until the close of the Georgia special elections. These races will decide which party has majority control of the U.S. Senate; for right now, Republicans have majority control, although the continuation of this requires the GOP to win at least one Senate seat.

The runoff races involve GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler vs. left-wing challenger Raphael Warnock and GOP Sen. David Perdue vs. left-wing challenger Jon Ossoff. As the home stretch of the special elections wraps up, all four candidates are still campaigning and seeking to win as many votes as possible.

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However, in the case of Democrat Raphael Warnock, the multiple abuse allegations that he faces are having some negative impacts on his campaign. Both Georgia Republicans in the special elections have called on Warnock to publicly address these claims and answer for himself, confirms Breitbart News.

No Explanation from Raphael Warnock

Thus far, Warnock has not responded to multiple claims of abuse against him.

Warnock’s remained silent about his ex-wife saying that he ran over her foot; he also has yet to give a public explanation for being arrested years back for obstructing police investigations into abuses at a church he was overseeing. One of the alleged victims has since come forward and charged that camp instructors tossed urine on him and locked him outside overnight.

Yesterday evening, Sen. David Perdue spoke with Fox News. During his time, he called on Warnock to answer questions about the abuse allegations he faces; Perdue also declared that the more Georgians learn about Warnock and Ossoff, the more questions arise.

Furthermore, Perdue also took the liberty of reminding viewers that Warnock has used the church pulpit to demonize police officers as thugs and criminals.

Like Perdue, Sen. Loeffler has also called upon Warnock to give a public explanation for the abuse charges against him. Thus far, the Georgia Democrat has yet to do so or vouch for his own character.

At Odds with Georgia’s Values

Loeffler, as the opponent up against Warnock, continues to warn that the Georgia Democrat is at odds with Georgia’s values.

She’s called out his rhetoric multiple times and even directly challenged Warnock to reject socialism and Marxism; of course, Warnock has chosen not to do so, just as he won’t publicly address the multiple abuse allegations that stand against him.

Both Republicans in the race believe that Georgians deserve an explanation since Warnock is seeking Georgians’ votes.

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