Georgia Signs Into Law New Election Integrity Bill

A huge spotlight on election integrity began last year. The 2020 presidential election resulted in an abundant amount of claims about voter fraud. Moreover, many of these claims centered around absentee ballots, with certain individuals reportedly receiving multiple ballots or ones missng the proper information. 

“Volunteers on the Move” (Public Domain) by Georgia National Guard

Democrats have repeatedly denied any and all claims of election fraud. The left claims that Republicans are simply making it all up; however, there are too many reports and alleged cases to cite. 

In 2021, Republicans across the nation have begun taking action to ensure that all future elections are clean, safe, and secure. On Thursday, Americans witnessed this when Georgia signed into law a new election integrity bill, Breitbart News confirms. 

The Success of Senate Bill 202

Yesterday, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed into law Senate Bill 202.

This legislation requires photo ID for absentee ballot voting, empowers the Georgia State Elections Board, and puts in place rules for ballot drop boxes. Under Senate Bill 202, the the runoff election time frame is dropped fron nine weeks to one month and people waiting in line to vote cannot be given drinks or food. 

Governor Kemp signed this legislation into law after the Georgia House and Senate passed it. After signing Senate Bill 2020 on Thursday, Kemp acknowledged the work of the Georgia General Assembly; he also noted that the election integrity bill will make voting easier while cheating is harder. 

Reactions to Senate Bill 202

Many Republicans are pleased with the legislation signed into law by the Georgia governor. GOP voters maintain that Senate Bill 202 will go a long way in ensuring that elections are not compromised by fraud, rigging, etc. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are not at all happy. On Thursday, police apprehended one Atlanta representative after she repeatedly banged on Governor Kemp’s office door as he signed Senate Bill 202. 

Other Democrats are also comparing the election integrity bill to voter suppression, Jim Crow laws, etc. Democrats are furthermore calling Governor Kemp a racist; this comes in addition to false claims that Republican don’t want Georgians of color to vote. 

The latest criticisms from Democrats are not shocking. Right now, liberal lawmakers in Washington D.C. seek to pass legislation that essentially legalizes voter fraud. If Democrats get their way, ineligible voters will remain on states’ voter rolls. Meanwhile, Democrats also seek to outlaw the practice of presenting photo ID in order to vote. 

Are you glad that Georgia has a new election integrity bill signed into law? Should other states follow suit? Let us know in the comments section below.