Georgia’s S.B 202 Slammed by Delta Airlines CEO

"Delta" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by BriYYZ

Towards the end of last month, Georgia passed an election integrity bill known as S.B. 202. The legislation not only ensures the secure handling of ballots, but also mandates Georgians who vote absentee to present a form of photo ID. 

Many Democrats and left-wingers are not happy about the elections bill. Several leftist groups have already filed lawsuits against it; the ultimate false narrative coming from the left is that S.B. 202 is tantamount to voter suppression and will systematically hurt POC voters. 

“Georgia National Guard Joint Testing Str” (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

Republicans throughout the nation are coming out in favor of the Georgia elections bill and pushing back on the disinformation from Democrats. However, the attack against secure elections is far from over. 

On Wednesday, Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian ripped S.B. 202 in a public statement, as confirmed by Breitbart News

The Delta Airlines CEO on Georgia’s S.B. 202

Towards the end of March, multiple left-wing leaders urged Georgia-based corporations to speak out against the election integrity bill. This comes in addition to growing calls to boycott Georgia in response to S.B. 202. 

Yesterday, Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian delivered a public statement condemning S.B. 202. Bastian claimed that the election integrity bill is centered on a “lie” that widespread fraud tainted the 2020 presidential election. The Delta Airlines CEO then went on to allege that “underrepresented voters” and black voters will suffer because of S.B. 202. 

Finally, Bastian concluded his statement by vowing that Delta Airlines will stand in support of the right to vote. The Delta Airlines CEO later stated that he will be working with political leaders across the aisle and furthermore monitoring bills in Congress. 

The State of Georgia on S.B. 202

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp is continuing to push back against lies from leftists about S.B. 202.

Earlier in the week, Kemp described the idea of a potential Georgia boycott as ridiculous, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. The GOP governor also pointed out that many of the Democrats spreading misinformation about S.B. 202 are motivated by political and financial gain, not sincere concerns. 

Republicans are urging individuals with true worries about S.B. 202 to actually read the legislation. Moreover, the GOP remains confident that the Georgia elections bill will ultimately withstand the legal challenges Democrats are mounting against it. 

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