Google’s Assault Against Donald Trump

Former President Trump accused Google of censoring him by blocking his social media platform, Truth Social, on its Play Store.

According to Trump, Google is trying to “f–k” him.

Google Blocks Truth Social on Android Devices

Big tech censorship against Republicans has not been hidden anymore. After Facebook and Twitter’s assaults, Google’s discrimination against the right is also on the rise.

Thus, Trump asked his friends and associates at Google if they have lately been discriminating against him. 

Truth Social emerged as the conservative alternative to Twitter after the latter blocked Trump from its platform.

However, the social media application is only available on Apple devices. So, Android, which controls 42% of the American domestic market and 70% of the global market, blocks access to the right-wing app.

Rolling Stone was the first media outlet that reported Trump’s remarks. One source told the magazine Trump is taking the matter seriously since both Google and YouTube block his agenda from their platforms.

Even though Elon Musk vowed to allow Trump on Twitter once again, the former president has indicated not to join the platform anymore.

According to Sensor Tower, Truth Social has been downloaded 1.4 million times since its launch, even though it is not available on all platforms.

Trump started becoming vocal about the tech-driven discrimination last month when he said Google was trying to “screw with me.” He even asked his associates, “what’s up with Google?”

The CEO of Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), Devin Nunes, indicated he expects the app to be available on web browsers by the end of the ongoing month.

Nunes also stated the Google Play Store is yet to approve the app for launch. Since its launch on the App Store, Truth Social has become the number one app downloaded for free.

Big Tech Discrimination Against the Right is Not New

This is not the first time that a big tech company has colluded against the conservative voices.

After the January 6 event, both Facebook and Twitter blocked Trump. While the Facebook ban is to be over in January next year, the former president will be unbanned from Twitter after Musk takes over the platform.

Similarly, Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings were also downplayed by both of these social media giants.

When Hunter Biden’s laptop story was first reported ahead of the 2020 presidential elections, Twitter pushed down the story, citing it as misinformation. Later on, the story turned out to be true and made rounds on both of these platforms.

Twitter’s CEO already acknowledged that blocking Hunter Biden’s story was a “mistake.”

Compared to this, the left-wing’s orchestrated political discourse never faced any scrutiny from Twitter.

For instance, the White House recently made fake claims that vaccines were unavailable when Biden entered office.

In actuality, President Trump made vaccines under his Operation Warp Speed program. However, the tweet was neither taken down by Twitter, nor flagged as misinformation.