GOP Charts Out Path with New House Republican Conference Chairwoman

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As Republicans work to push back against the socialist agenda of radical Democrats and win the 2022 midterms, unity in the party is imperative. 

This is something that Republicans struggled with when Rep. Liz Cheney was the House GOP Conference chairwoman. Cheney fundamentally disagreed with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other GOP members on the direction to take the Republican Party. The clash finally came to a head when House Republicans booted Cheney from the leadership post. 

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Last week, Rep. Elise Stefanik filled the empty role of House GOP Conference chairwoman. On Sunday, Stefanik laid out a clear plan for the direction Republicans will take with a leadership that is unified and together, as Fox News confirms. 

The Focus of House GOP Leadership

Yesterday, Stefanik sat down for an interview with Sunday Morning Futures.

While speaking with this news source, the House Republican Conference chair explained that shedding light on Democrats’ dangerous agenda is a top priority. Stefanik made specific note of the ongoing economic harm, the nightmare at the Southern border, and the crisis in the Middle East. 

The House GOP leader then pointed out that under President Biden, gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been. Again, this is something that the president himself has paved the way to allow with his destructive policies. By eliminating Keystone pipeline and carrying out other attacks against the oil/gas industry, Biden greatly weakened U.S. energy independence. 

Stefanik made clear on Sunday that in no way will Republicans be letting Biden or other Democrats off the hook. 

Rep. Stefanik on Former President Trump

During another segment of Stefanik’s Sunday Morning Futures interview, she confirmed that House Republicans remain supportive of the 45th president. 

The House Conference chairwoman lauded Trump’s policies on the economy, COVID-19 relief, the Middle East, and more. Like other Republicans, Stefanik understands that by Biden rolling back so many policies from the Trump administration, he’s seriously set back this nation. 

After Stefanik’s election to the House GOP leadership post, Trump congratulated her. Stefanik won the endorsement of the former president, the House Minority Whip, and the House Minority Leader. 

Many Americans are noting the contrasts between Cheney and Stefanik. Some folks pointed out that Cheney voted with Trump in Congress more often than Stefanik; however, the current House GOP Conference chairwoman is firmly pro-Trump while Cheney is not. 

In an interview this weekend, Cheney stated that she would not have voted for Stefanik to replace her in GOP House leadership. 

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