GOP Exposes Biden’s Weakness on Southern Border

What is happening at the southern border is absolutely inexcusable. Eight months ago, when Biden first got into office, the border was completely fine. It looked nothing like the horrific images and videos that Americans are now witnessing.

President Biden bears full responsibility for the border crisis. He removed the successful policies set in place by the Trump administration. Then, when illegal immigration rates picked up, Biden put the vice president in charge of the border.

Months later, it’s still unclear exactly what Vice President Harris has done on the border. It is in a worse condition than it was when she was tapped as the point person. Harris previously claimed to be assessing root causes, yet the root cause of the border is Joe Biden.

Republicans are pushing this president to take immediate action on the border. In fact, Biden is now under fire as the GOP works to find out if he’s ever even been to the border, per Breitbart News.

An Embarrassing Moment for the Biden Administration

Yesterday, the White House was asked about the last time the president took a trip to the border. Jen Psaki, the press secretary for the Biden administration, couldn’t even provide a serious response.

According to Psaki, she has to check her records and then circle back. Nevertheless, the rest of the United States knows what this answer means. Biden has not been to the border.

This is moreover solidified by some internal digging done by the Republican National Committee. Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced recently that the RNC couldn’t find anything showing that Biden has been to the border in the past ten years.

This latest development from the RNC comes after GOP governors wrote Biden an urgent letter. The letter from Republicans reminds Biden that as president, he is legally mandated to ensure the enforcement of immigration laws.

Republican governors likewise requested to convene with the president to discuss solutions to the border crisis. In light of the federal government neglecting the border crisis, Republican states have been forced to come together and attempt the restoration of order.

Time to Impeach Biden?

There are a multitude of actions from this president that constitute grounds for his impeachment and removal from office. Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan is one example. The negligence of the southern border as illegal immigrants, crime, and traffickers have a field day constitutes another example.

Some Republican lawmakers have already submitted impeachment articles against Biden. Nevertheless, with Democrats narrowly controlling the House and Senate, impeachment articles stand no chance of getting anywhere.

Now, if Republicans can take back the majorities in the 2022 midterm races, then this could pose a real chance to get Biden out of office. It couldn’t be more obvious that Biden is out of his depth as president of the United States.