GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill Against Critical Race Theory

On Thursday, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz proposed a bill that would ban government funding to any person teaching critical race theory during work training. 

Critical race theory is a controversial doctrine that believes systematic racism is prevalent in American society. 

Sen. Ted Cruz: critical race theory “tears us based on race”

In a statement, as Cruz introduced his legislation, he said that the federal government does not have the right to force political agendas onto Americans, particularly one that intends to damage our institutions and tear us based on race.

He added that the theory originated out of the critical race studies movement. However, Cruz did not outline which government-funded institutions he is concerned about. 

The Texas senator dubbed the End CRT Act as the most recent bill in the series of GOP-led proposals that aim to ban critical race theory in universities and in public schools. 

On the other hand, supporters of the critical race theory movement argued that Americans should study how racism morphed into a social construct. 

Yet, Cruz criticized Biden for his reversal of Trump’s executive order banning “blame-focused” workplace training in government agencies, federal contractors as well as federal grant recipients. 

The policy reversed by Biden aimed to circumvent sex or race based “stereotyping” or “scapegoating”. Cruz also added that the critical race theory is a “Marxist ideology” that looks at the society as a battle place, not between classes but instead between races. Cruz added that the theory is “inherently bigoted”. 

Rep. Burgess Owens: critical race theory is “racist and divisive”

To support the move that Cruz made, a companion bill was introduced in the House by Representative Burgess Owens, a black lawmaker from Utah. 

Owens alleged that the critical race theory works against civil rights.

The lawmaker from Utah and a freshman Republican also told his story about how he attended segregated school, growing up during a time where people were being treated differently due to the color of their skin.

However, he said critical race theory “preserves” that manner of thinking and impairs civil rights. It also threatens the constitutionally guaranteed equal protection rights and the American institution at large.

Owens also called the theory “racist and divisive”. The Black congressman from Utah introduced several pieces of legislation to address critical race theory. He furthermore penned a non-binding resolution expressing that critical race theory is a “prejudicial ideological tool,” instead of an educational tool; he latter added that it should not be taught in the classroom, as it teaches students to judge people based on their ethnicity, race, sex, and national origin. 

The lawmaker from Utah, who is black, also spoke against the “negative narratives” about black Americans that he experienced, growing up in the segregated South.

He said that we are witnessing “the same thing now.” The lawmaker also added that now we are seeing a group of far-left Democrats lowering their expectations for everybody.

Owens continued, saying that the far left is now saying that just showing up to school, writing your homework, and being able to achieve and move on is racist.