GOP Presents Alternative Infrastructure Package

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Earlier this month, President Biden submitted a $2.3 trillion spending package that he’s trying to pass off as an infrastructure bill. The reality is that 94% of Biden’s bill is completely removed from infrastructure. However, Biden alleges that he’s willing to compromise with Republicans on this bill, but time will tell. 

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Yesterday, the GOP presented an alternative infrastructure package. Rather than blowing $2.3 trillion, Republicans’ infrastructure bill amounts to $568 billion over a five year timeframe. 

Unlike the Democrats’ $2.3 trillion spending package, the Republican Party’s infrastructure package actually centers around infrastructure, as Newsmax reports. 

A Closer Review of Republicans’ Infrastructure Package

The GOP’s infrastructure bill would not engender higher taxes on the American public.

Instead, the package would ultimately get funding from electric vehicle user fees, federal money that hasn’t been spent, and even monetary contributions from state and local governments. Republicans presented this alternative package as a good faith effort to working with Democrats. 

The alternative infrastructure package from Republicans is now in the hands of President Biden. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke to the press yesterday regarding Republicans’ alternative infrastructure package; according to Schumer, the bill needs to be “green” and not come at the expense of working Americans. 

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin stated that the GOP’s alternative infrastructure package is a “starting point.” 

A Test of Biden’s Commitment to Bipartisanship 

When President Biden unveiled his own infrastructure bill, he expressed interest in having the support of Republican lawmakers.

Biden has previously declared an interest in bipartisan work; this time, Biden has an opportunity to prove it. Whether or not Biden works with Republicans or simply tries to jam through his own $2.3 trillion package will determine his commitment to working across the aisle. 

If Biden continues as he’s been thus far, he will work to jam through his own bill with only Democrats’ support.

The weeks and days ahead will ultimately serve as the test of time. Thus far, Biden has had numerous opportunities to prove his commitment to working across the aisle with Republican legislators; not once has he made a show of good faith with the GOP.  

What do you think about the alternative infrastructure package that the Republican Party has presented to President Biden and the Democrats? Do you believe that Biden will follow through with his talk about working across the aisle with Republicans on bills? Let us know down below in the comments section.