GOP Rep. Slammed Mayorkas: Harris “Laughing” at the Border Crisis

On Thursday, Republican congressman Ralph Norman of South Carolina slammed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas; this happened as Mayorkas tried to defend Vice President Harris’ failure to visit the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mayorkas mentioned on Thursday that the vice president faced “quite unfair” criticism, due to failure to visit the border for almost three months since being tapped by Biden to lead the immigration crisis. 

Rep. Norman to Mayorkas: “But she’s laughing at it!”

However, Rep. Norman fired back. He mentioned that Harris is laughing at the issue. He’s referring to Harris’ remarks in March where she brushed off criticisms against her with chuckles. 

The South Carolina representative (and a member of the House Homeland Security committee) continued, stating it is an insult to say Harris is just “looking at the border wall.” 

Earlier, the South Carolina representative also declared that Mayorkas’ defense of Harris only amounted to mere “words.” 

Norman added that Mayorkas’ comments are just words and very unfair. He then proceeded to press the Homeland Security Secretary. 

Norman also mentioned that he asked Mayorkas a simple question and that he would like for him to give him a simple answer. He later asked Mayorkas if it makes sense for the leaders to go, talk and see what is happening at the border. 

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Although Mayorkas visited the border region, both Biden and Harris stayed away from it.

Harris, in his defense, stated that she is very much aware of that happenings at the Southern border. Harris then added that she visited the region when she was still serving as an attorney general of California. 

Harris continues to avoid taking a trip to the border

In her recent interview with NBC News anchor Lester Holt, Harris was again asked why she hasn’t visited the border region since being elected as the vice president. 

The vice president was seemingly irritated with the question. She answered by wryly stating she hadn’t gone to Europe either. Harris then claimed that she has been to the border, adding that she does not understand Holt’s point. 

Harris, who was supposedly the point person on the migrant crisis, has gone 86 days without visiting the border. Likewise, she has not conducted a press conference to talk about the issue. 

Critics of the vice president say that it is clear why Harris is avoiding the border…the issues at the border are not easy to solve. They added that if Harris becomes the face of the crisis at the border and the problem carries on throughout Biden’s entire term, she failed with her most important task.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol is alarmed at how the situation on the ground does not appear to be improving. 

The Texas Border Patrol recently busted yet another human trafficking operation. This time, it involved 33 illegal immigrants tightly packed in a 100 degree U-Haul truck with zero ventilation.