GOP Sen. Loeffler Unleashes on Georgia Runoff Rival for “Radical Socialist Agenda”

Sen. Kelly Loeffler is one of two Republicans defending a Senate seat from a Democrat opponent. Whether or not Loeffler wins her senatorial runoff will play a huge role in determining if the GOP stays controlled by the Republican Party.

“Vice President Mike Pence Attends a Cere” (Public Domain) by The White House

On Sunday, Loeffler and left-wing Raphael Warnock debated one another in Atlanta. During this debate, both opponents went after one another; only, while Loeffler focused on policies, rhetoric, and what it all means for Georgians, Warnock chose to launch baseless conspiracy theories and dodge questions about whether or not he supports packing the Supreme Court.

Now, in a fresh interview with Breitbart News, Loeffler is continuing to hold Warnock responsible for his record.

The Danger of Warnock’s Radical Socialist Agenda

Between calling for cashless bail, opening prisons, and backing defund the police extremists, Warnock’s radical socialist agenda couldn’t be any plainer.

When Loeffler spoke with Breitbart News, she informed the conservative publication that Warnock also has a history of lauding dictators, extremists, and radicals. Infamous communist tyrant Fidel Castro is just one example; following Castro’s death, Warnock memorialized him two days later.

The Democrat who now seeks election into Congress stated that Castro had a “complex” legacy, despite his legacy involving mass genocide, human rights violations, and free speech violations. Loeffler drew attention to this, noting that Warnock’s decision to still memorialize Castro speaks to the Democrat’s “radical, socialist agenda.”

Warnock’s Need to Soften His Image

The radical and extreme rhetoric of Warnock continues to haunt him in these Georgia runoffs. This is why the Democrat is attempting to rewrite history; during an interview, Warnock claimed he never lauded or memorialized Castro, despite evidence to the contrary.

In order to soften his image, Warnock’s chosen to appear alongside puppies in his various political ads; yet, Loeffler wants for Georgians to have a clear and concise understanding of what Warnock has consistently said and called for.

This forthcoming Monday marks the very first day of early voting in the Peach State. How Georgians choose to vote will have a rippling impact upon the rest of the country. Between Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock, the contrasts and differences couldn’t be any more apparent.

Do you think Warnock has a radical socialist agenda? What do you think about his documented praise of communist tyrant Fidel Castro? Let us know in the comments section below!