GOP Vouched to Protect Essential Workers From Vaccine Mandates

Marsha Blackburn, a Republican senator from Tennessee, has introduced a bill named ‘Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act.’ This bill will stop President Biden and his administration from firing essential workers who opted to exercise their health freedom, defying the draconian vaccine mandate.

Essential workers do not deserve to be fired

Telling the need of the newly introduced legislation, Blackburn said essential workers are heroes who protected Americans in the trying times of the pandemic. Now, they need the support to continue serving the nation.

The GOP senator further added the country is currently facing a chronic supply chain crisis, due to the shortage of workers and as job openings in the country stand at 10.4 million.

Blackburn scolded Biden for making vaccines a compulsion, saying this will make people resign from their jobs, which can intensify the economic crisis in the US.

Many other Republican senators (including Tommy Tuberville, Jim Inhofe, Bill Hagerty, Mike Braun, Cynthia Lummis, and Ron Johnson) have joined Blackburn in introducing the much-needed bill in the Senate. 

Senator Inhofe also schooled Biden, saying despite serving in schools, hospitals, and fields, essential workers have no job security just because they are not complying with Biden’s imposed vaccine mandate.

Likewise, he felt proud for co-sponsoring the bill, saying getting vaccinated should be a personal choice for everyone and the federal government must not trespass on people’s liberty in this regard.

Despite the fact the president claimed big businesses encourage vaccine mandates, the polls tell the opposite story. A survey by the Tennessee Chamber depicted almost 76% of Tennessee businesses oppose a vaccine mandate implemented by Biden. 

Another co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Lummis, appreciated Marsha Blackburn for introducing such landmark legislation that protects the fundamental rights of people. He noted it is time to celebrate the heroism of the essential workers and not punish them for not injecting vaccines into their bodies.

All other senators who sponsored the bill vouched for it and denounced Biden’s unilateral efforts to make vaccines compulsory for everyone. 

Labor groups are backing Blackburn for her remarkable efforts

Meanwhile, many groups have extended their support for the newly introduced legislation. Included in these groups are the National Border Patrol Council, National Association of Small Trucking Companies, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, the National Sheriffs’ Association, and Chicago Fraternal Order of Police.

Todd Spencer, the president of the Owner-Operated Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), praised Blackburn. Spencer said drivers are already being exploited in the country with long unpaid waiting hours, which is triggering them to resign from their jobs.

He added with the vaccine mandate in practice, drivers are expected to resign in big numbers. This can worsen the supply chain crisis, so Blackburn’s attempt to denounce the vaccine mandate is an appreciable approach.

Under the executive order imposed by Biden, everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated will be fired from jobs. Time and time again, the GOP has vowed to protect people’s liberties from being denied by these mandates.