Gov. Abbott: Texas Will Build a Wall Amid Border Crisis

"President Trump Travels to Arizona" (public domain) by Trump White House Archived

On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared he would soon reveal plans for constructing the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

This move is a part of a string of actions from the Republican governor to address the ongoing crisis at the border, due to the rapid influx of illegal migrants. 

In an interview with Gov. Abbott on Thursday, he said that by building border barriers, the ability to arrest illegal immigrants would be enhanced. Some parts of the wall will be built immediately.

The governor added that a mere attempt to modify or get through the border would be a crime; for that, illegal immigrants can be arrested. 

On top of that, Abbott said he will announce next week the state’s plan to start building the wall. The governor, however, did not provide any further details about expected cost of the wall’s construction or when it will begin. 

Governor Abbott also mentioned that the state legislators already passed a budget. Included in the budget is roughly $1 billion in funding for security measures at the border.

The governor also added that his office would form a task force to lead the state’s response to the ongoing crisis at the border. 

Biden suspended federal funding for the wall

On Biden’s first day in office, one of his initial moves as president was to suspend the federal funding for the Southern border wall.

Taking on Biden’s Open Border Policies

The Texas governor is among several prominent Republicans arguing that Biden’s reversal of Trump’s immigration policies caused the overwhelming immigration crisis.

Yet, White House officials insisted that the Biden administration”inherited” an ineffective immigration system from the Trump administration. The White House also insisted the Biden administration merely reversed measures that were “inhumane.” 

Abbott then singled out Biden’s decision to change the Migrant Protection Protocols implemented under the Trump administration. Said protocol, also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, required migrants to stay in their home country while waiting for their court proceedings. 

Abbott said these challenges at the border are a “direct result” of open border policies the Biden administration put in place. 

“Agents Encounter 128 Aliens Abandoned by Smugglers” (United States government work) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Earlier this month, the Texas governor also issued a disaster declaration as a means to secure the resources for counties along the southern border. 

The governor said the policies implemented by Biden paved the way for dangerous human traffickers, gangs, cartels, and dangerous drugs to pour into their community. 

In May alone, Customs and Border Protection recorded over 180,000 migrant apprehensions. This is a sky-high number compared to roughly 23,000 encounters in the same month last year.

Meanwhile, neither President Biden nor Vice President Harris has a moment to spare for a border visit.