Half Empty Room: Biden’s Inability To Draw Big Audience Became Apparent


On Wednesday, Biden spoke to a half-empty auditorium while he’s doing a live “town hall” event for CNN in Ohio. During the live CNN “town hall event” attended by Biden in Ohio, the president’s inability to draw big audiences was apparent as dozens of seats were left empty.

Biden spoke to a half-empty room at the CNN town hall event, liberal media is trying to hide it

Videos on televisions appeared to show a fully packed non-distanced crowd that was sitting in front rows. Thanks to the flattering shots by the liberal news network, the empty rows were not apparent for television viewers, as they showed a striking display of “normalcy” after COVID-19 restrictions over a year ago. 

However, CNN can only cover so much, as photos from the back of the room were shared by the press pool traveling with the Biden administration. The images revealed how the auditorium was almost empty and far from packed. 

Jennifer Epstein of Bloomberg News, who traveled with the president as a representative of wire services, posted a tweet showing an image of what the CNN town hall event actually looks like from the back of the auditorium. 

Steve Herman, a reporter from Voice of America who’s joining the radio pool reporter for said trip, also posted a similar picture showing how the back of the auditorium is empty. Moreover, Herman also posted a video showing other angles whereas the viewers were missing from their seats. 

The empty town hall event is in contrast to what Biden is trying to project

The images showing empty seats are in contrast to what Biden is attempting to do as he tries to project confidence that his administration overcame the COVID-19 pandemic. This including his previous assertion saying that the coronavirus is “not a pandemic.”

Meanwhile, it is still not clear whether the town hall was half empty due to concerns about COVID-19 or because the public lacks interest. On the other hand, CNN spokeswoman Lauren Pratapas said in their defense that the half-empty auditorium is a “typical audience size” for CNN town halls. Yet, she did not further clarify the reason for the apparently small crowd. 

It can be noted that former President Trump routinely ridiculed Biden last year during the presidential campaign period for failing to draw a bigger crowd even before the pandemic started. Compared to the crowd gathered by Biden, Trump would have tens of thousands of supporters attending his rallies. 

Back in September, Trump told the cheering crowd in an event in Jacksonville, Florida that when Biden comes to Florida, there would only be 12 to 13 people in the crown. He added that Biden’s campaign team would do the circles and he would still have a hard time filling up the circles.

The former president added that in the campaign rally in Jacksonville that there are probably around 30,000 people or so who showed up to his events.