Harris Claimed They “Inherited a Tough Situation”

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris threw the blame on former President Trump, saying that the Biden-Harris administration “inherited” a tough situation.

Harris made her first-ever visit to the border since Biden assigned her to handle the border crisis three months ago. However, Harris made it a point to put the blame on former President Trump, saying that the Biden administration inherited a tough situation. Harris also alleged the overwhelming surge of migrants that started since Biden and herself took office is not their fault.

Harris also noted that in five months, the Biden-Harris administration “made progress.” The vice president noted that it was in El Paso is where the controversial child separation policy started under the former Trump administration. 

The vice president also mentioned that, in their administration, they are working to build a fair, functional, and humane immigration policy. She added that they have looked at a system where migrants were housed in “inhumane” conditions over the “last many years.”

Harris also stated that the asylum system was damaged and it needs to be built again. 

Harris: El Paso is “at the heart” of the immigration restrictions during the former administration

Harris argued that she visited El Paso in particular over other regions at the border because El Paso was “at the heart” of immigration restrictions during the Trump era.

During the press briefing after her visit, Harris also noted that El Paso is where the Trump administration’s “child separation policy” was revealed. Harris then added that they have seen the “disastrous effects” of that policy in the El Paso region.

Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders also mentioned that they chose El Paso since it represents what was happening at the border from the start. Sanders also echoed the same claims saying that El Paso is where the Trump administration’s “family separation policy” started.  

The vice president later added that it was in El Paso where the “Return-to-Mexico policy” from the Trump administration was implemented; Harris also claimed this is where they’ve seen the disaster that is created in the region. 

Harris’ visit to the border came after Trump announced he will have a trip to the border next week

However, critics wondered why Harris chose to visit El Paso if her duty to lead the migration crisis is to address the “root causes” in Central America. Critics stated that most illegal migrants caught in El Paso are not from Central America, but from Mexico. 

Harris’ trip to the border also came shortly after former President Trump declared he would visit the Southern border next week. The trip also came after weeks of tension from her political opponents. 

However, White House press secretary Jen Paski mentioned that Harris’s trip to the border is not politically motivated. 

Psaki stated the Biden administration determined now was the right time for the vice president to travel to the border; this determination was made due to the “great deal of progress” the Biden-Harris administration is making to solve the border crisis.