Harris Criticized for About-Face Attitude Towards Biden

"Build Back Better, The Caring Economy -" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

In presidential races, it’s pretty much a given that primary elections and general elections will differ from one another.

Primary elections typically involve more in-party fighting as candidates spar to win their party’s nomination. Then, whichever candidate wins the nomination generally gets the support of their party throughout the general election as they face the challenger nominated by the opposing party.

While most Americans are familiar with how this all works, some are still reeling at the extreme about-face of Kamala Harris, a California senator and Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate.


Harris not only went after Biden for his stance on bussing in the 60s and his work with segregationist senators, but the California Democrat also openly professed that she believed women accusing Biden of sexual assault.

Now that Harris is Biden’s vice presidential candidate, her past concerns and professed belief of Biden’s accusers seem to have flown out the window, reports Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Harris’ Political About Face

Americans are still responding to the news that Harris has officially joined Biden’s ticket as his vice-presidential pick.

Since the announcement earlier this week, conservatives have weighed in with questions. Some inquired whether or not Harris still believes the women who accused Biden of sexual assault or simply doesn’t care now that she has a shot at becoming vice president. Others maintain that Harris will simply say anything if it’s politically advantageous to her.

On Wednesday, President Trump stated that Biden’s running mate is ultimately “short on facts.” The commander-in-chief furthermore expressed confidence that Vice President Mike Pence will have a great night when he debates Harris in October.

These remarks also arrived around the time that Trump noted Harris’ past criticisms of Biden only for her now to now “[say] how wonderful he is.” The president and his supporters have also pointed out Harris’ unsuccessful run to become the next commander-in-chief.

The Latest on Biden-Harris 2020

Yesterday, Biden and Harris held their first campaign event together since the latter joined the ticket.

During this time, both Democrats went after President Trump, vowing to build a better economy and more. Biden and Harris also made a point to imply that the president somehow has issues with strong women due to his criticisms of Harris.

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