Kamala Harris Embarrassed Herself During the ASEAN Summit

Kamala Harris continued her habit of repeating the same word again and again in small talk.

During a 22-second span, she used the word “work” five times to emphasize that countries should work together.

Harris Repeatedly Mentioned the Same Words

At the ASEAN summit, Harris told global leaders everyone “will work together and will “continue to work together.” 

Then, she spoke a couple of words to tell the audience again that it is time to “work together as we continue to work.”

A conservative political blog, RedState, lambasted Harris for her inability to deliver an effective speech, being the vice president of the United States.

The website said Harris did not even bother to use the synonyms of the word to make a little bit of difference.

Thus, listening to the vice president is an act of “self-torture,” as her words have little meaning in them, the conservative author claimed.

These types of speeches by the vice president make Joe Biden envious of her, the blog added. 

So, the author of the op-ed questioned the capability of Kamala Harris, asking how she qualifies to be the vice president.

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

For the author, it is impossible to even think that an “unimpressive” and “incapable” individual like Harris, who could not deliver a proper speech, made it this far.

Every time, the writer continued, Harris speaks, she depicts her incapability to hold such an important office in the country.

This speech of the vice president came at a time when she hired a new speechwriter. However, Harris is still delivering the speech the same way she used to, which suggests the problem lies with her and not the speechwriter.

Calling her speech a “word salad,” the conservative author indicated it is hard to believe her staffer writes these kinds of words again and again in the speeches.

Instead, the vice president manages to make a mess out of the speech on the spot, he asserted.

This sort of below-par performance of the vice president is majorly responsible for the increasing number of staffers leaving Harris’ office, as per the author.

The author also noted her staffers want to tell her the corrections for all the right reasons. However, she is reluctant to receive criticism, which prompts staff members to leave her office.

Harris Has a Habit of Messing Up Speeches

In her trip to Europe earlier this year, Harris first claimed in her speech that Russian President Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

Just a couple of seconds later, she claimed the sanctions of President Biden would deter the Russian president from launching a military assault.

The author stated Harris acts like a “high school student” who does not know about anything and just tries to “fill the space” during the presentation.

This is not the first time Harris’s capability for the office of the vice president has been challenged.