Healthcare Workers Fired for Exercising Medical Freedom

President Biden has recently chosen to deploy military doctors to help the struggling hospital sector in America, amid the rising omicron wave.

However, a significant number of healthcare workers have been fired for refusing the vaccine mandate, which is intensifying the shortage of staff in most American hospitals.

New York vaccine mandate continues firing doctors

Speaking to the National Governors Association on Monday, Biden announced his administration is mobilizing almost 1,000 military doctors and nurses to assist hospital staff.

Likewise, he noted the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would deploy a lot of ambulances and Emergency Management Services (EMS) crews to be helpful in transporting patients to hospitals.

Biden also touted his efforts in different states, including Minnesota, Colorado, Vermont, New Mexico, Michigan, and New Hampshire, saying he deployed emergency response teams in these states.

Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, asked the National Guard to help the state evade the shortage of staff crisis, amid the wave of omicron strain. However, the vaccine mandate in the state is causing this shortage in the first place.

The former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, which resulted in the termination of almost 31,858 medics, as they refused to comply with the mandate.

According to the New York health data, the number of inactive employees reached 37,192 on December 21 and is likely to surge as healthcare workers continue refusing to take their jabs.

Nurses who are currently serving the state after receiving their jabs are sounding alarms over the crisis of the shortage of staff in their hospitals.

The field director of New York State’s Nurses Association, Eric Smith, indicated they are facing the staff vacuum in triple-digit everywhere in the state.

While the daily record for omicron infections continues to grow, as COVID cases increase by 48 percent over the last week, the data suggests the hospitalization rate from the variant is relatively less than earlier strains.

Massachusetts, New Jersey facing healthcare workers shortage

Massachusetts and New Jersey have been recording an increasing number of omicron cases; yet, both states are firing healthcare workers who refused to take their vaccines.

For instance, in Massachusetts alone, almost 506 healthcare workers were fired by three healthcare systems for not complying with the vaccine mandate.

In order to bridge this gap of healthcare workers, the Republican governor of the state activated almost 500 National Guard members to help hospitals.

Similarly in New Jersey, 238 healthcare workers were terminated by just two hospital systems for not receiving the vaccine doses.

While New Jersey has not activated National Guards yet, the Democrat governor indicated he has every option available to him in order to tackle the crisis.

The workers’ shortage in the Iowa healthcare sector encouraged the state to spend over $9 million on hiring out-of-state nurses.