Hillary Clinton Can Run For Presidency Again in 2024


After the Supreme Court’s decision to topple Roe, both conservative and liberal political commentators are projecting another presidential run for Hillary Clinton in 2024.

While Republicans are seeing it as an opportunity to unite their party, Democrats suggest she is a “women’s rights” advocate, so her presence in the White House post-Roe is extremely crucial.

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Clinton’s Odds of New Presidential Election Increasing

According to conservative writer John Ellis, the Supreme Court abortion verdict provides Clinton an opportunity to come forward and announce her campaign for the White House.

Ellis’ remarks are based on two assumptions: one, that Biden is getting too old to hold the top office, and the other being that Democrats have no bench strength if Biden decides not to run.

Similarly, liberal author Juan Williams wrote at The Hill that Clinton is the “right person” to bring Democrats out of the current crisis.

He further added that Clinton could also “bring attention” to the “ultra-MAGA” narrative, which is tearing the nation apart.

Similarly, liberal author of CNN Chris Cillizza also wrote about the possibility of Clinton’s possible campaign, but he seemed unassertive in his approach.

He called Ellis’ remarks “wishful thinking” of Republicans, adding that only Clinton can unite the Republican Party to the fullest, which is allowing them to wish for another campaign of Clinton.

Similarly, Cillizza noted that pundits want Clinton to run, even after knowing Biden repeatedly said he will run for reelection.

Cillizza quoted a New York Times piece that mentioned the president is now getting fed up with people who keep on asking him about his 2024 ambitions.

While referring to Clinton’s remarks that another presidential race is “out of the question” for her, Cillizza dismissed the notion this could be a possibility anytime.

Clinton Has Yet to Say No to Presidential Ambition

However, the CNN author softly tried to establish that changing circumstances of the country mean anything, including Clinton’s second run, can happen.

He wrote while Clinton will not be looking to challenge Biden in the 2024 primaries, she can “look at” the seat if Biden eventually decides not to run.

The likelihood of Clinton’s possible campaign, according to Cillizza, also increases because her announcement not to run came before the Supreme Court’s decision to restrict abortion.

Now, with the high-stakes decision out, Cillizza stated Clinton might think of reconsidering her decision, as she remained a “women’s rights” advocate during her entire career.

Clinton said, on Wednesday, she would “of course” support Biden in the 2024 race. Calling Alcindor’s question “silly,” Clinton claimed Biden is the candidate “most likely” to win in 2024.

However, she still did not acknowledge post-Roe that she would not run for the White House again, leaving room for speculation of her third White House run.