Hollywood Actress Unleashes Vile Rant Against Republicans

Hollywood is very well-known for its overtly leftist leanings. As a general rule of thumb, entertainers who fail to toe the line of leftism often end up in unfavorable positions. They struggle to truly make it and become household names, unlike others who do fall in line.

Many folks in Hollywood often orate about the need for love, tolerance, and acceptance. Yet, this quickly goes out the door when anything even remotely right of center is being discussed or talked about.

Thus far, one of the latest entertainers to catch attention for lashing out against Republicans is actress Ellen Barkin, according to the Washington Times.

Unhinged, to Say the Least

Taking to Twitter, Barkin made it clear that she’s got no love for Republicans whatsoever. Her hatred, by her own admission, isn’t limited to just some members of the Republican Party, but extends to each and every Republican.

Of course, inflammatory rhetoric of this nature does nothing to tone down the already tense political environment in this country. Barkin’s talking points only further anger and division at a time when Americans are already at one another’s throats like never before.

A Common Pattern With the Left

Sadly, the aforementioned outburst from Barkin is part of a pattern with Democrats. They’ll often say they want unity, but then they’ll toss this by the wayside whenever doing so becomes convenient.

Joe Biden himself is a great example of that. Biden, during the 2020 presidential election, talked at length about the importance of cooling down the temperature and unifying Republicans and Democrats.

Yet, since getting into office, Biden has repeatedly shouted his disdain for “MAGA Republicans” from the rooftops.

Democrats cannot have it both ways. It is nonsensical for them to demand Americans all unite and then bash Republicans in the very next breath.