House Democrats Pass Sweeping Immigration Reform Bills

"House Democrats To Sign Discharge Petiti" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by House Democrats

As the Southern border remains a mess, Democrats are more eager than ever to pass sweeping, left-wing reform on immigration.

Earlier this week, even the White House press secretary slipped up and admitted that a “crisis at the border” is very real; when called out on this by a reporter, Psaki quickly pivoted, stating that “challenges” exist at the Southern border, rather than a crisis.

“#RestoreTheVote” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by House Democrats

Now, while some Democrats have acknowledged the need for Biden to do better regarding the Southern border, their policies tell a very different tale. In fact, Newsmax confirms that House Democrats just passed two pieces of sweeping immigration reform bills that are not in keeping with fixing the current border crisis.

Immigration Bills Passed by House Democrats

The two measures passed by the Democrat-run House of Representatives comprise a path to citizenship for Dreamers and a path to citizenship for migrant farmers. Both of these bills received almost near-party votes; however, some Republicans broke rank to vote alongside Democrats for a path to citizenship for Dreamers.

The recent passing of these immigration bills comes amid an even bigger agenda from President Biden. The 46th president has made no attempt to conceal his support for mass amnesty, loosening the requirements to obtain a visa, etc.

Furthermore, House Democrats are openly admitting that the legislation to pass through their chambers this week has nothing to do with border security. For many Republicans, this is problematic, due to the ongoing problems plaguing the Southern border.

An Uphill Battle in the Senate

While both immigration bills passed the House of Representatives with little to no trouble, the Senate is an entirely different ballgame.

Because Democrats and Republicans both have 50 Senate seats, the former party won’t be able to take their bills past a GOP filibuster. Democrats are aware of this; it’s why they’ve grown more and more openly supportive of removing the filibuster altogether or making it increasingly difficult to use.

Democrats want what they want…and they have no interest in working with Republicans or meeting GOP lawmakers halfway. Many Republicans take issue with the contents of the immigration legislation that is on its way to the Senate.

What do you think about the two immigration bills that Democrats managed to pass through the House? Should migrant farmers and Dreamers receive a path to citizenship? Let us know down below in the comments section below.