House Democrats Will Make Taxpayers Fund Abortions Overseas

The House of Representatives controlled by Democrats passed different spending packages; these packages would effectively tear down the long-standing Hyde Amendment that separates taxpayers’ money from abortions. 

Democrats are removing law, policies, and provisions that prevent taxpayers from funding some types of abortions

In a string of unusual moves, Democrats discarded the language which bars funding for abortions in other countries, called as the Helms Amendment, which was passed in 1973. The Helms Amendment was removed together with the Hyde Amendment; this now lets the government fund some types of abortion in the country. 

However, both of these polls were disliked by the majority of Americans. According to data from the Marist poll, it showed that 77% of Americans object the use of taxpayers money to fund abortion in other countries. 

Other than pushing to fund abortion overseas, the Democrat-led House committees also voted to remove longstanding bans on funding for abortion. This move will enable the government to fund abortion for federal prisoners, elective abortion services, and abortions funded by the Peace Corps (Young). 

The recommended government spending so far omits a provision that prevents nongovernmental organizations from performing abortions if they receive governmental funding. 

On top of this, the Biden administration also decided to abolish the Mexico City Policy. The policy previously blocked taxpayers’ money from going to organizations that support abortions.

Many of these anti-abortion policies that the Democrat lawmakers revoked have been in existence for years. Included among them is the March for Life, an anti-abortion policy that prohibits prisoners from getting abortions which were in existence since 1987. 

These moves in the House budget are a dramatic shift from the past years wherein American taxpayers’ money avoided funding some abortions.

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Susan B. Anthony List: eliminating lifesaving protections is an abrupt and sad change

Meanwhile, Jamie Dangers, legislative director of Susan B. Anthony List, stated that the pro-abortion Democrat agenda eliminates lifesaving protections. She added that this is a sad and abrupt change. 

Dangers added that the Hyde amendment and other Hyde-like provisions have been existing bipartisan provisions for decades, starting from the administration of Democrat President Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama.

The legislative director of Susan B. Anthony List also added that the extreme position and push for abortion funding by the Democrat leaders in the Biden administration is not only wrong, but is also politically flawed.

Biden, in the past decades, has been a supporter of the Hyde Amendment. He even made a statement back in 1986, stating that the government should not proscribe the right to abortion and take taxpayers’ money to assist a woman in having an abortion.

However, during his presidential campaign, Biden all of sudden switched positions as he proposed a budget that would use taxpayers’ money to fund abortions.