House GOP Fully on Board with Challenging Electoral College’s Votes

In five days, the U.S. Congress is going to convene for the purposes of confirming Electoral College votes from last month. These votes certified Joe Biden as the president-elect, despite innumerable reports, sworn affidavits, and other assertions of cheating and fraud.

“President Trump Speaks with Military Ser” (Public Domain) by The White House

Republicans are not happy; neither are the tens of millions of men and women who support and voted for President Trump. As January 6 gets closer, a growing number of GOP congressional members are vowing to raise issues with the certification of votes cast by the Electoral College.

Breitbart News confirms that almost 30 House Republicans have committed to contesting the congressional certification process, come this Wednesday.

Pushing Back Against the Electoral College’s Votes

Republicans who intend to challenge the Electoral College’s votes next week are very clear on why they’re doing so; House GOP members with objections cited their duty to ensure that U.S. elections are fair and free. These are descriptors that many Republicans do not view as applicable to the 2020 presidential election, regardless of what Democrats or the media claim.

Thus far, 29 House Republicans and one Senate Republican are on board with pushing back against the process of the votes’ congressional certification. Some Republicans who are not on board with this have actually spoken out against their in-party colleagues, accusing them of putting on a show for the sake of Trump’s supporters.

The president, meanwhile, has encouraged pushback against the Electoral College’s votes; this comes in addition to him calling on his supporters to appear in Washington D.C. on January 6 to peacefully protest.

Just a Formality?

News that congressional Republicans will present pushback against the confirmation of Biden has quickly spread.

While many conservatives believe that all congressional GOP members ought to resist, Democrats have an entirely different outlook on the matter. At least before the public, the left is acting as if they have no concerns in the world about the upcoming challenges.

The Biden-Harris transition team is certainly projecting this attitude. Earlier this week, an aide for Biden shrugged off the Republicans in Washington who will raise objections on Wednesday. The aide also described the congressional certification process as merely a “formality.”

This came before the declaration that Biden will be formally sworn into office on January 20, regardless of the objections brought forward by Republicans.

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