Hunter Biden Expected to Land in Jail Soon


Criminal investigations against Hunter Biden are expected to enter a conclusive phase soon. Federal investigators can charge him with crimes related to tax fraud, foreign lobbying, and illegal gun purchases.

The Washington Post reported federal investigators found decisive evidence against Hunter Biden, which could bring the first son to justice in his long-standing criminal cases.

Hunter Biden in Deep Trouble

New reports are indicating the FBI sent evidence against Hunter to the US attorney in Delaware, David Weiss, who would investigate the first son. Weiss was appointed by former President Trump.

One former official of the Department of Justice told Fox News the renewed investigations against Hunter suggest the decision of the case is imminent ahead of a possible Republican victory in next month’s midterm elections.

Republicans already claimed they would investigate the first son after winning the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s attorney, Chris Clark, slammed the FBI for leaking internal information about the agency to media outlets. Clark also urged the DOJ to investigate the FBI leaks and bring the responsible people to justice.

Likewise, Clark wished the Delaware attorney should look into all aspects of the investigations, as this is the most important job of any prosecutor while trying to reach a conclusion.

A source close to Hunter also told CBS News that FBI agents are leaking internal information about the agency, due to the growing frustration with the agency over consistent delays in the case.

The same source suggested Hunter’s team believes the FBI is trying to pressure the prosecutors.

According to CBS News, the Delaware attorney general has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2019. Some court documents of that year suggest federal prosecutors have been scrutinizing bank documents of Hunter from 2014, when Joe Biden was the vice president.

Hunter Lied to Purchase Guns

Fox News already reported in July that the DOJ and Weiss were looking into Hunter Biden’s case to find out possible tax violations and his lobbying with anti-American countries.

In addition to that, Hunter lied in 2018 while purchasing new guns, which could be one of the main reasons for his possible conviction.

On October 23, 2018, Hallie Biden, who is the widow of Biden’s late son Beau Biden and a former girlfriend of Hunter, threw Hunter’s gun in a dumpster.

Hunter purchased the gun earlier that month by lying to the shop owner that he was not an illegal user of marijuana or any other drug which could hinder his ability to use guns. Hunter was discharged from the Navy in 2014 over his cocaine addiction.

Apart from that, Hunter is also facing trouble for tax fraud related to his undeclared income in overseas business dealings. This has been a major source of criticism against the first son.

Hunter’s international business dealings came under increased scrutiny once the content of his infamous laptop was leaked.