Hunter Biden’s Emails Shows Joe Biden Lined Up to Join Lucrative Firm


After claiming that Biden never discussed business dealings with his son, Hunter, another Biden scandal is exposed after emails were discovered revealing Hunter’s plans to start a consultancy and law firm with his father. In the email, Joe Biden was supposed to join the firm in 2016, after leaving office as the vice president. 

Hunter Biden outlined plans for how Joe Biden will come on board after VP term

The email, dated sometime in 2014, outlined the plans of Hunter Biden to build a firm that will be led by Beau Biden, Joe Biden’s eldest son; he was set to receive $500,000 per year to sit at the top of the company.

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The email was an exchange between Hunter Biden and Jeff Cooper, a longtime family friend. Hunter wrote that in order to develop the firm as a platform for Joe Biden, he thinks it is necessary that the three of them – Beau Biden, Hunter Biden, and Jeff Cooper have full control of the firm, particularly at the time when Joe Biden comes on board in 2016.

The main subject of the email is a selection of the board of directors for the proposed enterprise and client development. Meanwhile, another email spelled out the salary structure of the law firm.

This specified that $500,000+ will be given for Beau, $250,000+ for a senior attorney, and $175,000+ salary for a junior attorney, during the first year of operation, the total salary baseline is around $1.2 million dollars. 


The email put in detail the potential salary of Beau Biden, who was supposed to lead the firm

The exchange of emails gets further into detail about the potential salary of Beau. Hunter wrote in the email stating that his primary concern is that his brother has guaranteed income for two years. Hunter further mentioned that Stuart Grant had offered Beau that amount in exchange for joining his firm, as well as being available for client development. 

The email continued where Biden wrote that they could probably go as low as $350,000. However, there are some costs that come with Beau’s upcoming treatments that are not covered by the insurance; this comes in an apparent reference to the expenses surrounding Beau’s illness. 

The plan was devised to be more slow-rolling until Joe Biden is ready to join the firm. Hunter further wrote in the email stating that at the outset, they probably won’t need the junior attorney until things start rolling for built-in clients that will depend on who they get as the senior attorney of the firm. 

The email indicates the plan for Joe Biden to join the firm after the end of his term in 2016. This placed doubts on Joe Biden’s claims that he has no knowledge of the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. 

However, the plans of the Biden-led law firm never took off. Ultimately, Beau Biden took the job with Stuart Grant, a Democrat Party Fundraiser a few months before his passing in May 2015.